Monsanto vs Vaccines and what’s really causing all these health problems.

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Generations of people have had vaccines to prevent debilitating and in some cases fatal illnesses.  These vaccines, which have become more and more safe every year have never been proven to cause anything like ADHD.  In fact the alleged doctor who ran the single, debunked, study allegedly proving a link between ADHD and vaccines was working for a lawyer who wanted to sue a company that made vaccines.

Thanks to this doctor there are now tens of thousands of children suffering from easily preventable diseases and some have died.  And this because some vile lawyers were looking to sue the manufacturer of the MMR vaccine.  What an evil thing to do.  To sacrifice the health and lives of uncounted children and adults to slander a company so that they could make a buck.

Why did this work?  Well because we know that the incidents of ADHD are on the rise.  What we don’t know is why this should be.  Is it because doctors have expanded the definition so much that it now includes a lot of normal people?  I actually suspect there is a certain amount of truth to that.

What about food allergies?  I didn’t know anyone who was allergic to peanuts when I was a kid in school and I went to several pretty big schools.  I also never heard of Crohn’s disease until just a few years ago.  Now things like Celiac disease are everywhere it seems and is it a fad that everyone is suddenly gluten intolerant or is it something a bit more sinister.

That would be where it appears that Monsanto and their Genetically Modified Organisms come in.  See Monsanto likes their GMO’s because they own the patents on them and force farmers to buy new seeds every year.  They deliberately engineer seeds that are sterile once they’ve grown so there is no second generation of crops.  This is probably what leads to lower nutritional values for the foods made from GMO crops.

Monsanto also forces farmers to buy new seed every year by forcing farmers to sign an agreement stating that they will not even try to save seed from one year to the next, which is how nature has done it for the entirety of life on this planet.

This is wholly driven by money.  They want to control who can plant what and they want that to be only their seeds.  They have misinformed congress and the EPA as to the effects of GMO foods on people’s health and suppressed studies that prove how damaging these organisms are to our health.   Until I started reading the article that prompted this blog post I was ambivalent about organic foods.  Oh I knew that my heirloom tomatoes that I grow in my little back yard garden were more delicious than any tomato I ever bought in a store.  But I also knew that organic produce still used pesticides, just older ones.  Allegedly more environmentally friendly ones.  I did not realize how much more environmentally friendly and I had no idea how much more friendly to my health.

There is real evidence that these GMO crops are at the root of a lot of the upswings we are seeing in ADHD, allergies and food intolerances.  I knew it wasn’t vaccines and I suspected, very strongly, it was something in the environment.  Seriously we cannot pollute our environment the way we have been and not expect to see some kind of natural consequences.  This, however; appears to be a real and valid source of a lot of the health issues we are seeing.  Not just allergies and ADHD but according to the article and the research the article is based upon Alzheimer’s Disease  and some cancers too.  That’s huge.

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