Voter Suppression is anti-American and un-Christian

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Voter Suppression is Un-American and Un-Christian
The United States of America was founded upon the principle of free elections, upon a government of the people, by the people, for the people. A key component of that ideal is that everyone gets one vote. Anyone, or any party, that tries to suppress the votes of others is acting against what America stands for. Any party that doesn’t care how it wins, even if that means not allowing people who disagree with them to vote, is not a party of America.
In America we are a single people, Americans, all of us. We may not always agree on how something should be done, or even if something should be done but we respect everyone’s right to participate in our form of Government through our right to vote. To deny a group of people, especially to target a particular political party is an affront to our heritage and to everything that we as a people and as a nation stand for.
If someone votes for a party that commits such treasonous acts against our democracy, they are condoning it. These people should not be surprised when the political winds change and they are the one’s denied their right to vote. They will be, but they have no right to be. To condone such underhanded, deceitful and oppressive tactics is Un-American. Anyone who loves America must condemn such actions in the strongest possible terms. Anyone who loves America would not associate with a political party that would do such things. They would not associate with a party that would rig an election. That is not American.
A “My way or the highway” mentality is un-American and un-Christian. America became great because of innovation. Innovation requires, is predicated upon the ability to think in ways that are original and creative. People who only do what has always been done are incapable of innovation. To force people into a one size fits all anything is a sin against God because God created everyone unique and individual and He did so for a reason. America became a great nation because of all the different ideas and approaches that went into building her. America became great because she was the great melting pot of the world. America took what other countries threw away and proved these people to be the best and the brightest. This is because they were all allowed to participate in government, in the free market of ideas. Anyone or anything that shuts down that freedom, the free market of ideas is demonstrably anti-American.
These things, and voter suppression are also un-Christian and do not reflect the nature of God. To deprive someone else of a right that you enjoy is evil. The word for that is hypocrisy. God loves all of His children equally. God created every one of us with a unique purpose in life. When we come together and work together we can do great things. One of us God calls to preach, another to sing, yet another to champion the poor and another to champion minorities. No one of us can do it all but together, all is accomplished. I cannot champion every good cause. I don’t have the strength. I am thankful for my brothers and sisters who are able to champion causes I believe in but have not the time to champion myself. Together we work towards a greater good than just our own comfort or enrichment.
This is what God intends for us. We were made to work together, to be in fellowship one with another, to learn from others. We all have strengths and weaknesses. When we isolate ourselves, when we accept only those who think like us, who are very much like us, we amplify our weaknesses and diminish our strengths. Only when we include those whose strengths complement our weaknesses and whose weaknesses we compliment with our strengths do we create a whole greater than the sum of our parts. It is no mistake that Jesus refers to the church as the body of Christ. One body, with many parts.
America is like that also. America is one nation but with many people, many parts. To oppress one part is harmful to the whole. You would not cut your nose off if it smelled something unpleasant. Rather you are grateful for the ability to sense something that is bad, rotten, no good. So it is with the people that some politicians and a particular political party want to disenfranchise. We need them to be whole. We all need one another. We need their input, their point of view to continue to build our nation as something great in the future.
To lie is a sin. To steal is a sin. To defraud someone is a sin. Voter suppression is all of those things. To treat a human being like a non-entity is an affront to their humanity and to their Creator.
Our nation was founded as an experiment by our forefathers. They created our American democracy. They had a vision of an entire nation working for the good of all, not for the good of a few, the wealthy, or one, the king. When everyone gets their rightful vote, then the strength of a nation can be brought to bear upon the problems and troubles that we as a people face. One may champion the poor, another community involvement, still another infrastructure and another still champions better conditions for business to grow. When those who would cheat others out of their rightful place in our democracy are accepted, are allowed to push their anti-American agenda, then there is imbalance. We lose something precious that we may never get back.
Our forefathers died so that we could each have a say in our government. When we send our young men and women in the armed forces overseas they are risking their lives for our rights to each have a say in our government. Is there any greater insult that can be given in the face of such sacrifice than to try to cheat those you disagree with out of their voting rights?
No one should be so in love with a political party that they stop looking at what kinds of policies it supports. No one should be so in love with a political party that they condone anything they do, even things that are morally, legally and ethically wrong. When people do that, when they love a political party more than they love the truth, when they love a political party more than they love what is right, then that political party has become their god.

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  1. Apparently in America now corporations are people but the rights of actual people are being stripped away more and more each day. That can’t be good.

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