Is the Tea Party the American Taliban?

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Is the Tea Party The American Taliban?


The fact that that term exists is very disturbing to me and it should be for any American.  We are a nation built upon personal freedom and the Taliban is all about religious control of people’s lives on the most intimate levels.  It is our duty as Americans to determine if there is any validity in such a term, to discern any truths that might be behind such a term and to stand against anything that might give credibility to it.   This is America, we believe in freedom we don’t just pay lip service to freedom while supporting lawmakers who would deprive our neighbor of freedom.  That’s what they did in Germany in the 1930’s, that’s what they’re doing in Egypt right now and that’s what has happened in the Middle East in those places where elections are even allowed.   When we say we believe in freedom for all we mean it, even if everyone makes choices we don’t agree with.

I stumbled upon this YouTube video of a fictional show that took all of its information from real news headlines.  This show is doing what our journalists should be doing.  I remember reading those headlines.  Watch and see it all put together:

American Taliban

Now I have been called a false prophet for using the term “Christian Taliban” and I’ll admit that I did some soul searching after that.  I do not want to be false so I re-evaluated the evidence I had  and that led me to find the term valid in the given circumstances.   That term is even more disturbing to me than American Taliban because Christ died for the sins of the world, not to enslave women or anyone who doesn’t believe.   That term drives the lost away from a loving God because of the slander it does to our faith.

Has the term been earned?  Yes, the fundamentalist segment of our population does believe that women are beneath men, that women are to obey their husbands.   They do not allow women to preach, or hold positions above men in the church.  These are the people who would never vote for a woman for President of the United States of America.  These are the people who use phrases like “legitimate rape.”  These are men who believe they have the right to legislate what kind of health care, when and how a woman can receive it.  These are men who are backing legislation to force doctors to lie to women about health conditions.  Is it true to what our faith is all about?  No.  This is a perversion and a debasement of Christianity.

I did not coin the phrase Christian Taliban and I have to agree that American Taliban is more accurate because the Tea Party doesn’t care which religion they pervert, they just need one with a lot of followers who won’t ask any questions.  That being said there are parallels and I’d rather be called names then stand silently by while fanatical politicians posing as clerics take over, debase and defile my faith.

Christianity is about love, salvation and grace.  For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that none should perish but all should have eternal life.  This is a faith of compassion, of inclusion and of service.

For comparison sake, let’s take a look at the list of doctrines the Tea Party believes and preaches:

v  Radical fundamentalism

v  Ideological purity

v  Compromise as weakness

v  Fundamentalist belief in the literalism of scripture

v  Denying science

v  Dismissal of facts

v  Undeterred by new information

v  Hostile fear of progress

v  Need to control women’s bodies

v  Severe xenophobia

v  Pathological fear of the American government

v  Tribal mentality

v  Intolerance of dissent

v  Demonization of education

Yes I took those from that clip because it is the most concise listing of what they believe I have yet found.   I could have simply given countless examples.  The worship of ignorance, the racism, the sexism, the hatred of women, gays, Latinos, blacks, the poor, the homeless, the mentally ill; this all falls under the above list.  The climate deniers, the intelligent design people who misread, or just don’t read the Bible and fanatically state that God created the Earth in 6 days and the ones who think the government is out to get them all fall under that list.  The ones who don’t want to pay taxes because they worked hard for what they have, who don’t want to help the poor because if they do, they will breed like stray dogs or wild animals all fall under the above list.  They ignore everything the government has done for them, the infrastructure, the education, the freedoms and the opportunities.  No, they think the government should be reduced to a military complex and nothing more, thus setting us up to live in a police state, just like Palestine or Iraq.

These beliefs underlie a religion, and make no mistake the above list are the tenants, the doctrine, of a religion. This religion has led to a percentage of our population who are unreachable.  They cannot be reasoned with because they haven ‘t reasoned out their positions.  They believe in their religion zealously and they don’t have to think about it, it is their belief system.  They can only be manipulated by their fears and their need to control others.

America was founded upon the principles of personal freedom.  Denying someone, anyone, the freedom to do with their own body as they will is the greatest affront to freedom there can be.  We don’t force people to be organ donors yet they want to force women to carry any and all pregnancies to term.  They don’t care if the fetus (not baby, not child but fetus) is nonviable.  In the words of Georgia state rep Terry England its just like when cows and pigs deliver.   In the minds of these men, women are no different than cows and pigs, no more human and neither are the children they deliver.

It is no mistake that the language of the pro-life movement is the language of slavery.  That’s why we are now, finally seeing the truth of what these men think about the horrific and violent crime of rape.  That women lie about rape, that women are hysterical, that rape never leads to pregnancy and that rape is just a detail.   They want to wholly control women.  You think I’m making that up?  Would that I were.

Todd Aken said that women never get pregnant from rape because as has been setting the internet on fire for the past few weeks, “Women’s bodies have a way of just shutting that whole thing down.”  To him rape is no big deal.  Tom Smith of Pennsylvania said that getting pregnant from rape is similar to having a baby out of wedlock.  Meaning what?  That women should be equally ashamed of getting raped as having a baby out of wedlock?  That rape is the woman’s fault?   I guess we should be grateful that he at least admits that rape can lead to pregnancy.

Paul Ryan topped them all though by calling rape “just another form of conception.”  Which is what these men really think, how they express their need to control women’s bodies.  We’re not just talking about being anti-choice, we’re talking about being pro-rape.  Make no mistake, these men have been taught by the church that rape is always the woman’s fault.

What I find appalling is that the church does not teach that rape is wrong.  They only teach that women are of value solely for their virginity.   I have never once heard a sermon or lesson about how men should not rape women.  I’ve heard plenty about the evils of sex, any sex, all sex, especially gay sex or premarital sex.  These men are obsessed with sex.

This is why they need people to vote for their religion.  This is why they have conflated their political party with a religious cause.   This is why people need to check the facts and seek the truth for themselves rather than believe whatever sounds good to them.  Google for the headlines mentioned in that first YouTube video.  They exist.  They are real.   I wish they were not.

The tea party and the republican party  claim to be the “Party of God” and perhaps they are, once you realize their god is Mammon.  They are not the party of the God of the Bible.  Their attitudes, their platform, their approach to other human beings is the opposite of what the God of the Bible says Christians should be like.

Once more the above clip was correct and it was in saying that the man who is the greatest threat to these people is Jesus Christ.  This means that Christians should be standing up and speaking out against these un-Christ-like beliefs, just like people who love America and Americans should.  You cannot love America and hate Americans.  America is not a place, it is an idea.  The only way ideas can be defeated is for people to shut off their minds and refuse to think.  This is why the fundamentalists demonize education.  This is why they deny facts and science.  This is why they refuse to consider new information.  This is why they are trying to prevent people from voting who don’t buy into their false religion.  They have done a very slick and evil bait and switch wherein they have switched out faith in God for faith in being a Republican and being a Republican for being a Tea Partier.  That is why these people are unreachable.  That is why to question anything they say, any lie or prevarication they spout is taken as an attack upon themselves.  They worship at the altar of the Tea Party.





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