Trayvon Martin and a Conversation We Need To Have

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The Media has been all over the Trayvon Martin case.  They smell blood in the water.  What they don’t smell is the resurgence of the civil rights movement.  People are waking up.  People are weary of being treated as less than the 1%.  People of all walks of life.  There are some who say this isn’t about race.  First of all those voices are the voices of the willfully blind.  Second of all–in a sense that this is a catalyst for a larger, greater movement they may have a point.  What started out as racial profiling, and the murder of a young man by a racist gun nut is serving as a focal point, a nexus for the anger at injustices large and small from groups that span the spectrum from gays, to women, to the elderly, to the poor, blacks, hispanics, latinos, transgendered.  We are all coming together because we truly understand that injustice against one ripples through the system creating injustice for all.  We understand, as the corporate fascists pray we don’t and spend billions of dollars to propagandize rugged individuality hoping we won’t realize, that we are connected through our humanity, through our cultures, through our lives.  No man is an island, despite the propaganda from the far and evil right.  When one man or woman dies we are all diminished.  We understand that even as the oligarchs work tirelessly to prevent us from realizing it.   Weep for Trayvon and honor him by standing for equality and justice for all.  Something the conservative right has forgotten:  Justice for All; not just those who can afford it.  Justice must be blind, not play favorites to the son of a judge who picked a fight he couldn’t finish then shot a boy.

The racists, the privileged, and the 1% don’t want this conversation to start.  They don’t want to talk about this because they don’t want the masses to compare notes.  They don’t want people to see what’s really going on because if people opened their eyes to reality, they would be outraged.  So you hear it again and again, “the jury spoke now drop it.”  “Shut up already about it.”  “Race baiting.”  All these phrases turned inside out to support the insupportable.  It is time and past time we had this conversation and ignored the evil that would silence us.  We are connected, we are Americans and we are strongest when we come together to fight injustice and build one anther up.

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