Global Warming Is A thing

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I really hope that we can get through to the traitors in congress who are beholden to big oil and Grover Norquist soon.  Because Global Climate Change is happening and unless we start taking it very seriously we are going to be facing massive and catastrophic changes.  We are staring the end of our way of life in the face.  Now we can either do it in a graceful way, and adapt under our own terms, or we can continue to deny science and the evidence of our own eyes and be forced to adapt rapidly, probably during a crisis and without a safety net.

A recent CBC report on these CryoSat-2 results was blunt: “Arctic ice could vanish in 10 years, scientists warn … Arctic sea ice is melting at a pace so much faster than once thought that the latest projections say it might disappear by as soon as 2022.”

Professor Wadhams, whose predictions of rapid ice loss have so far been among the most accurate, told the Guardian he thinks summer Arctic sea ice could vanish within four years.


Maybe it’s time we stopped pandering to the ultra wealthy who seem to imagine their piles of money will somehow protect and save them when the entire economy crashes and half of Florida is under water.   Maybe it’s time we started thinking about how we as a people, not me as an individual, want to face the future.  This whole, “I got mine, you’re on your own,” attitude is wrong.  It is morally bankrupt, soulless and ethically unsound.  It is short sighted, ignorant and cruel.

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