Spreading Propaganda Promotes the Fascism Gun Nuts Claim to Guard Against

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Twice in the past two days I’ve run across the meme being circulated by the Right Wing trolls that compare Obama to Hitler.  First Obama was the Antichrist, now Hitler.  All the Antichrist meme showed me is that the fools who fell for it didn’t care enough about the Bible to actually read what it has to say.  But they still consider themselves good Christians.  Even though they don’t actually follow Christ.  Likewise the meme comparing Obama to Hitler because he signed some executive agendas, not even orders yet, for common sense gun laws shows me that the people spreading them around are not only  ignorant of history but they are so caught up in the lies they are being fed that they are now spreading propaganda.  They have become more like Hitler than Obama ever has.  Hitler, for the record; never disarmed German citizens.  He disarmed Jews and Jews only.  No one is trying to take away the guns that people already have.  For those people who actually care enough about America and their civil rights, the President of the United States of America, duly elected by the majority of Americans, has suggested that we close gun show loopholes so that everyone has to have a background check.  He has also suggested every gun be licensed  you know, like a car.

What these people have proven to me is that they like the lies, the propaganda they are fed from their frothing fanatical far right ideologues and they don’t care what the truth is.  What they have demonstrated to me is that they will spread propaganda.  They willingly become part of a right wing propaganda machine that they know is evil.  Otherwise they wouldn’t revile it and attempt to smear people who disagree with them by accusing them of doing it. Truth matters and this is why.  They fear Hitler but they are willingly becoming part of a propaganda machine just like what Hitler used to make the German citizens look the other way while atrocities were happening.  Like right now how people are looking the other way while women are denied their civil rights, while pregnant women are being prosecuted for murder when they have a miscarriage.   What kind of civilization can last long that attacks its own women?  What kind of people criminalize pregnancy?

That is the propaganda of pro-life.  The lies they espouse about rape, legitimate rape, god given rape and all that biological nonsense about the woman’s body shutting it down when rape happens.   That is also all propaganda.  Lies with a political agenda designed to spread hate, to vilify and dehumanize an oppressed social group.  In the case of the pro-life propaganda it’s women they hate, pregnant women above all.  In the case of President Obama, it’s racism and a hatred of liberals, of a political viewpoint that doesn’t agree with theirs.  In both cases it is propaganda pure and simple.  Lies upon lies and that these people choose to believe and spread, then they tell themselves they are patriots but what it tells me is a lot about the kind of people they really are.

Also the same people who fanatically deny women access to adequate health care in the name of “pro-life” are the ones who love their guns more than the children gunned down by mass murderers.  The truth is that they don’t care about life.  All they care about is control.    It’s all of a piece when you realize what their real concern is.    It is vital that everyone speak out against propaganda.  Truth matters.  Propaganda must be countered with the truth at every turn.  That doesn’t mean getting into arguments or name calling.  It means stating the facts in a precise manner.  These people, by not just believing but actively spreading propaganda are party to the fascism they claim to fear.  The only palliative is the truth.


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