Michigan GOP passes so called “Right To Work” bills at behest of Koch Brothers

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I wonder, I really do, if the short sighted fools who comprise today’s GOP have the capacity to look beyond today and see how much damage they are doing not just to the country but to their political party and their political hopes for the future.  People will not forget this trampling of the American way, they will not forget this end run around democracy and they will not forgive plunging the state into poverty any more than the nation will for attempting to do the same to it.

The GOP and their propagandists at Fox News have proven to be anti-American liars at every turn and people, even many of the “true believers” are starting to wake up to that.  The -problem the GOP is facing is that reality doesn’t cease to exist just because you convince a bunch of self-righteous fools that what they want to hear is the truth.  Facts don’t stop being true just because someone with weak faith doesn’t want to face them.  And the truth has a way of revealing itself regardless of how deeply the willfully ignorant bury their heads in the sand.

The Presidential Election of 2012 opened the eyes of a lot of people who thought Fox news was actually telling them the truth.  Oh sure, they could have known long before but they hid their friends news feeds on Facebook so they wouldn’t have to read any of the “liberal media” that reported on actual facts.  They unfriended their friends who cared enough to try to tell them the truth because they didn’t want to hear it.  Now, though, they’ve been shown for the fools they are.

The people they elected, the policies they supported through their votes are still causing damage to America.  They don’t care about the future.  They don’t care about the American people.  They march to the tune of the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Alderson, or to the NRA because they honestly believe that what makes them American is their hatred of other people, especially women, the poor and blacks.  They think owning a gun makes them American.  Well it doesn’t.  All these kinds of thinking do is move our country closer to being like Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine or Iraq.

Think about the nations around the world where there is little to no gun regulation and where the government is overrun by the religious conservatives.  This is where these “Americans” want to take our country.  Oh if it’s put to them clearly and honestly they’ll deny it.  They’ll deny it sincerely because they are too short sighted to see where their beliefs and votes lead. They’re too foolish to understand the system they are setting up and when the consequences come to fruition they will be shocked, utterly shocked because they’re also too delusional and too certain of their own infallibility to think for one minute that they were wrong.

The GOP may never recover from the kinds of legislation those who are acting in their name are ram-rodding through and it’s their own fault.  They actively courted these kinds of social issues.  As far back as Reagan they made it a part of their platform to value the fetus more than a woman and to demonize gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.  At any time someone could have stated the obvious, “This is wrong!”  But they chose not to because evil men grasping for power promised them millions of evangelical voters if they would embrace such hateful and evil policies.

Don’t think Christianity is getting away unscathed either.  Even though real Christianity has nothing to do with the hate and fear mongering that has been attributed to it, because the Evangelicals, Fundamentalists and Southern Baptists have embraced the oppression of women for their own political power and gain, as well as the demonizing of GLBT people and because they have attempted to legislate their own brand of unBiblical morality, they have tarnished the very name of Christianity.   Moderate Christians are also to blame for ignoring this and not speaking out against it.  Even now people who go to church every Sunday don’t want to hear what the majority of the country is starting to say about Christianity.  They don’t want to hear it because they don’t really care about God or Christanity.  They just care about their comfortable faith that doesn’t ask anything of them and lets them sit in a pew for an hour a week then go on out into the world and spread their self-righteous hatred of anyone different than they are.

It’s time and past time to look to the future.  It’s time and past time to count the cost of silence in the face of evil and lies.  The people who deliberately choose them have no one to blame but themselves.  Shame on them and shame on the legislators who think they can do as they please, subverting the will and the very foundation of what America was founded upon.

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