Fiscal Cliff and Republican’s pathological* hatred of the government of the USA

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That’s right, they hate our government with a passion so intense it’s almost holy.  That’s why they threatened to default on our debts and tarnished our once spotless credit rating.  How is that fiscally responsible or conservative?  It’s not.  It’s the actions of a bunch of tantrum throwing rich white men who think that they should be able to lie, cheat and steal all they want and not ever be made to face anything remotely resembling consequences.  They don’t care if they destroy America.  They believe that they have enough money that when they do manage to bring this once great country to its knees, they won’t feel the pain of it.  They don’t care that they are destroying what our founding fathers fought, bled and in some cases died for.  All they care about is their own wealth and power.

They are also pathological* liars and they have lied so shrilly and so adamantly for so long that they now believe their own lies.  That’s why they were shocked when Obama won.  Not only did their attempts to cheat citizens of the USA out of their right to vote fail, but their attempts to buy the election outright via Fox News and Tagg Ryan buying voting machines that were sent to swing states like Ohio and Florida failed.  They thought they could pull another coup like GWBush did in 2000.  Anton Scalia was more than ready, I’m sure,  to defy the will of the voters in an election to put a republican on the throne, I mean in the oval office.

And that is why they are in a tizzy over the fiscal cliff.  They are incapable of facing reality.  They are unwilling to see reason for any reason and constitutionally incapable of thinking about anyone but themselves and what they want.  The people who blindly follow them and vote for them do so because the religious right has allied with them, promising millions of voters in exchange for their souls, I mean a proximity to power that the leaders of the religious right find too heady to willingly forego.

These people are anti-American, un-Christian and the ones who signed the pledge to Grover Norquist are arguably traitors.   America stands for democracy, for freedom (that means for women too) and at one time it stood for science, innovation and a bold future.  Now we have science deniers in the chambers of congress marching to the tune of corporations whose only concern is how much money they can get for the air we breathe, the water we drink and the soil we have to grow our food in.  They don’t care if they leave a toxic wasteland for our children.  Their children will have the money to have their own hydroponics farms in greenhouses far away from the poor and working class.

It’s shameful that people have closed their eyes to the facts and turned their backs on the truth.  Because in so doing they have sold their birthright as American citizens to the plutocracy.


*I am not a psychologist and so cannot, nor do I intend to use the term in a clinical sense.

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