The Christmas Season

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So we enter the Christmas Season in all of it’s illuminated and decorated glory.  I’ve been spoiled for choice for things to write about for this blog and because of it I didn’t chose any of it.  I had hoped with the election that congress, specifically the Teapublicans in the House of Representatives would have had some kind of survival instinct kick in and start working for the people of the United States of America like they were elected to do.  Sadly this has not been the case.  I had hoped that after the election when the rape brigade from the Teapublican party were soundly thrashed by defeat they would stop trying to legislate woman’s bodies like pieces of prime rib.  Sadly that has not happened.

So I’m going to write about Christmas.  Christmas is a glorious time of the year.  It is a time when, allegedly, we stop for a moment and think about all of the other people in our lives.  The gifts we give are to honor them and demonstrate in a tangible way all of the emotions of love, friendship and kindness we have within ourselves for those around us.  Christians celebrate the birth of Christ and the gifts also represent the gift of the baby Jesus from God to humanity.  Others celebrate for their own reasons, be they Hanukkah the festival of lights or Kwanzaa both of which are longer than the single day that Christians celebrate but they  celebrate around the same time and become part of a larger celebration, a celebration of humanity and kindness and love that transcends our individual reasons.

That’s why the stampedes on Black Friday are such an abomination.  They tarnish everything that the entire season and the entire reason for looking for deals is about.  What I love, is not saving a few dollars on an item but finding that thing that makes someone’s face light up with joy when they see it and sometimes that’s not a purchased item.  Sometimes what makes someone really happy is giving them a gift of time.  Giving someone a day off from housework or baby sitting or even just doing the laundry for a week so someone else doesn’t have to.  Running an errand  weeding that spot in the garden that got away from them.  So many little things that might mean more than yet another toy or cheaply made electronic device that’ll be forgotten before the wrapping paper hits the floor.

It’s not about the gifts you get, although those can be nice, it’s about the gifts you give and the love that they are given with.  A gift doesn’t have to be bought, it can be made.  The best gift you can give someone though, is to get to know who they truly are, to listen to them, to find out what they really need and then do what you can for them.  Do something that gives someone 5 minutes of time for themselves.  Do something that’s been nagging someone for a while that they just haven’t gotten around to doing, fixing that outlet, that drippy faucet, duct taping that vent that leaks, patching that crack in their driveway.  Give of yourself, don’t just throw money at people.  Not that I don’t enjoy a gift card now and again.  I think everyone does but that’s not the only way to give to someone.  Offer to help clean out and organize that garage that is slowly filling up with stuff.  Do something that lightens someone’s load and buys them a bit of breathing room.

Just some thoughts for what they’re worth.


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