States are not petitioning to secede. How does a group of yokels pass for news?

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I’ve been watching, with a certain amount of disbelief and possibly horror, the news story making the rounds like a bad chain mail about how “31 states petition to secede.”  If this were true, if this were real; if STATES were actually doing this then yes, this would be news.  It is not states though, it’s a small group of local yokels in some states, many of whom are signing petitions in every state they can, many of whom don’t even live in the states they’ve signed petitions in.  It is a petition, but it is not an official petition.  It’s not on any of the petition sites that specalize in grass roots petitions where they gather signatures to send to retailers or others to bring about change.  No it’s a form on the Whitehouse PUBLIC website.  So anyone with an axe to grind can post anything there.  Yet somehow, the news sites, especially that bastion of making up stuff that has no basis in reality, Fox News, is carrying this as front page news.  How is this journalism?  How is this responsible reporting?  How is this even news at all.  Despite all of the lamenting done by journalists after Fox got caught completely unaware by reality on election night just a short week and a half ago about being “forced” to cover non-news as news because of all of the right wing fantasy news sources, here they are once again following the piper.  They could have done a brief segment debunking the whole thing and moved on to real news.

There’s plenty of real news in the world every day.  They could actually inform people about poverty, human trafficking, the tragic and preventable murder of  young mother Savita Halapannavar.  How was that not front page news?   Yes I said murder.  She was murdered by the Catholic Church.  She was murdered by the laws of Ireland that forbade doctors treating her and forced them to leave her to die in agony.  These kinds of laws are a real danger here in the United States.  In Arizona they have already passed a law telling a doctor he has to lie to a woman about possible birth defects of a fetus.  That is the kind of law that leads to murder and everyone who supports such law is party to the murders that result.  There is nothing pro life about forcing a woman to die rather than performing a medically indicated abortion on a dying fetus.  Rather than aborting one, already dying fetus, and saving the woman’s life, Savita Halapannavar, they murdered her and lost two lives.  Like I said, it’s a two for one deal for the control freaks who think women’s lives have no value and have found some kind of  religious sounding way to force their beliefs on others.  These are beliefs they don’t even hold for themselves.  They are beliefs they only and solely hold for others to be forced to conform to.  Look at Rick Santorum who got an abortion for his wife but wants to outlaw abortion in all cases for everyone else.  The people who think like that, the people who support putting laws on the books that draconian, are murderers in their hearts.  They are not pro life in any way, they are pro control women’s sexuality and punish them with death if they don’t behave according to the rules these men have set.

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