Face to Face with Reality, GOP Eats Their Own

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By now everyone who isn’t living under a rock either saw in real time or has seen the youtube videos of Fox News anchors running full speed ahead into the intersection where the fantasyland their chronic lying created met the real world of facts and truth.  The utter shock on their expressions is immortalized on the internet and in the minds of their credulous viewers and those viewers, suddenly presented with the fact that their “fair and balanced” news had lied to them all along are questioning the political propaganda that they have been spoon fed since Fox News won the right to lie and call it news in a federal court in Florida.

That’s right.  Fox News won the right to lie and call it news.  Then they forgot that they were lying.  That’s why they were caught completely by surprise on Election Night 2012.  They ran their own polls which they manipulated to tell them and their target audience what they wanted to believe.  They viciously attacked anyone who dared raise a voice of dissent and pilloried anyone who dared to publish polls based upon actual math, see Nate Silver and his 538 blog, and then were surprised when no one told them they were wrong.  They implied that Nate Silver, who accurately predicted how every state in the union would vote, was gay because he had the audacity to be the one who looked at the actual numbers and the real world data and used it to make his predictions.  They accused Silver of being an ideologue who would rather skew the numbers to say what he wanted them to than stick to facts, projecting their own sins upon an innocent man.

Now they are looking for scapegoats to sacrifice on the altar of their huberis.  Everyone who was surprised, everyone who listens to Fox News and ignores reality in favor of lies should be taking a long hard look at themselves.  The thing about the truth is that it’s still true no matter what someone wants to believe.  The thing about facts is that they’re still true regardless of how much someone denies them.  When people deny reality, they will always meet it rushing headlong at them, sooner or later the facts will rise up in a way that even the most willfully ignorant cannot deny.

Then they have a choice.  To accept the truth or to run back into the shadows and try to find a way to deny what they just experienced so they can continue to live in a bubble wholly disconnected from reality.   I’m already seeing hints that the powermongers of the Evangelicals are backing away from the truth and casting their arrows of blame at the politicians who they claim have misled them.  The truth is that they wanted to be decieved by the political movers and shakers of the Republican party.  They know better but they don’t want to let go of their grab for power.  As I said in a previous blog, the Republican Party/Tea Party and the Evangelicals in this country will destroy each other.

Already people are leaving the church in droves and it’s not because they don’t want to follow Christ.  It’s because the church has stopped following God and started creating a god after its own image.  The church has stopped preaching the good news and now preaches gospels of contraception and prosperity.  The church has stopped being a place where sinners are welcome and introduced to the love of a savior who died for them and become a place where people are judged and rejected for being human.

Everyone who was caught by surprise on Election Night 2012 was a willing participant in the lies and delusions that were being sold and consumed by Fox News, talk radio and other conservative outlets.  They have no one to blame but themselves.  It’s a shame they won’t take responsibility for their own actions, especially since they’ve been preaching a constant sermon of hatred towards the poor, minorities, women, gays, lesbians and transgender people along with the 47% they hold in contempt for not “taking responsibility” for their lives.  They are a party of ignorant, self deluded hypocrites and the meltdown on national television put that on display for the world to see.

I said it in 2000 and it’s just as true now as it was then:  The good guys don’t eat their own.  The evidence has been on display for over a decade.  All it takes to see it is eyes to see and ears to hear.

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