Attention GOP: Racism and Misogyny are neither Christian nor American values.

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Also racism and Misogyny are not not family values, not blue collar values, not white collar values, not the values of decent people anywhere.   They are the values of small, hate filled, fearful people who have no morals, no principles worth having and no decency.  They are the values of small gods and tyrants.  These are the values that have taken over the Republican party and if you support the Republican party you are supporting a pro rape stance, a pro death stance and a hate filled destructive ideology that will cause untold destruction to America and create immeasurable misery in the lives of real human beings.  Of course that’s easy to dismiss if you don’t consider most other people real human beings. See how that works?  See how easy it is to buy into it?  Any time someone says, “Those people don’t matter because ___” fill in the blank, they are racist or misogynist or homophobic or whatever small, mean, immoral, hatefilled, soulless descriptor applies.

This is not what America is about.  America is the home of the brave.  Not the home of the fear driven cowards who are so timid they see the anti-christ in every non Republican president.  Such people are not the courageous Americans who broke away from England. They are not the courageous Americans who sacrificed their lives to prevent the Third Reich from victory in Europe.  No these people espouse the same superiority and self aggrandizing racism that the Third Reich did.  Substitute blacks, Single Mothers, Gays,  women who have abortions or Welfare Recipients for Jews and if you have the capacity be either horrified or ashamed depending upon where you started from.

The demagoguery of the Right is the clarion call of evil.  Dehumanizing others while telling the listeners that they are superior by virtue of their skin color or gender is evil.  It is the soul of evil.  It is how murders are able to murder, by dehumanizing their victims.  It is how rapists rape, by dehumanizing their victims.

This is the opposite of what Christ came to Earth for.  Christ didn’t come to Earth and suffer and die for rich white men.  Christ didn’t come to Earth and sacrifice Himself for the already perfect.  And Christ did not come to Earth to champion voting Republican.  Anyone who worships at the church of Voting Republican is following a false idol and listening to false prophets.  Anyone who equates voting Republican with being Christian is prophesying for a false idol.

Christ gave two commands:  That you love the Lord your God with all of your heart, soul and mind and that you love one another as you love yourself.

Christians love to quote John 3:16  For God so love the world that he gave his only begotten son that who should believe on him should not perish but have everlasting life.

They stop right there when if they went one more verse, just one more verse to John 3:17 they would find out how wrong they have gotten everything:  For the son of God did not come into the world to condemn the world but to save it.

Jesus didn’t come to judge people but to save them.  The Bible, you know that book the “for show” christians love to wave around because it implies they actually read it or have read it, says that Jesus came not to judge.  So if they’re judging we can prove two things: 1) They don’t actually read, or care to know what’s in that book they love to waive around and 2) They’re not following Christ.

Love is the antithesis of hate.  Christians, followers of Christ love, they do not hate.  So if someone is claiming to be a Christian and they are also a racist, a misogynist a homophobe, you name it, then they are not following Christ which means they are not, by definition, Christian.  Going to church on Sunday does not make someone a Christian.  Following the rules the preacher makes, or the Pope makes for that matter, does not make someone a Christian.  To be a Christian one must follow Christ and only Christ.

Someone who loves others as they love themself would not try to take away others civil or human rights.  They would not engage in hateful campaigns of vilification and false accusations that slander and assassinate the characters of those they disagree with.  America was founded upon the basic principles of justice and freedom for all.  So trying to deny others their civil or human rights, say to their own bodies, is not American either.

Finally the God of the Bible, if one bothers to find out what the Bible actually says and who that God actually is, says that in perfect love there is no fear.  The God of the Bible says, “Fear not and know that I am God.”  So Christians who actually know their God cannot be driven by fear to harm the environment, others, or their country.   People who just go to church to feel superior to others and who don’t know God, they can be manipulated by anyone.

Americans and Christians do not worship false idols and they do not believe that taking away the freedoms of others somehow, magically, protects their own freedoms.  That’s how tyrannical dictators think.  That’s how the ignorant and ungodly think.  That’s how sociopaths  and narcissists think.  American was founded by people who expected better of human beings.  Christians are called to be better, Christians are supposed to have faith in the power of their God.

To allow religion or patriotism to be cynically manipulated by one’s own ignorance, fear and soulless hatred of others is neither American nor Christian.  It is shameful.  It is supporting evil.  Mammon is the false god of the Tea Party and it is the god of the GOP.  Worship Mammon at your own peril.

This article from the New Yorker is satire but like all good satire it has a lot of truth in it.

Consider well what the politicians you support and the party you belong to says about your country, for the patriot,  and your god, for the Christian.  Because people watch and listen and they decide if they want to have anything to do with your ideals or in the case of the religious, your god. If  the calling of your god is to get people to vote and take power here in this world then it doesn’t matter what your morality is.  If, however; the calling of your god is to bring people to him, they you’d better think twice about spouting hate.

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