FOX News given OK to lie by Florida Judge, Propaganda Machine Throttled Up

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Since we are in an election year and a lot of people have bought into the myth of the ‘liberal media’, a myth created and propagated by the Conservative think tanks for the last two generations, I thought I would write a few things about Fox News.  Fox News is the favorite news source of the Conservative people I know.  In fact the people I know who identify as Conservatives watch Fox News exclusively and get very hostile when I fact check what they tell me.

Here’s a little gem from Fox news that gets basic geography wrong.  Please take note of Egypt’s position where Iraq usually lives.  You know when we went to war in Iraq (thanks to W’s lies) we mocked the Iraqian press for lying to their people about where New York was on the globe, yet here is Fox news lying to their viewers about where Egypt is and wiping Iraq off the map entirely.

I don’t feel sorry for the people here in the US who believe such obvious lies.  I don’t feel sorry for the people here in the US who believe this kind of false map.  Unlike the population of Iraq, or really any of the Middle Eastern countries, with notable exceptions like Israel, their populations are not literate.  They don’t allow their people to go to secualr schools, especially not the women.  That’s how those tyrannical regimes maintain power.

This should terrify anyone who actually cares about America or any of the freedoms we enjoy. Because that is what the far right, the cult-like churches of the far right and the Tea Party/GoP are doing right now.  They are glorifying ignorance and preaching the evils of critical thinking and state funded education.  They have an agenda and the people who don’t care to think for themselves are following along like good little jackboots.

They don’t want to know the truth.  They are comfortable with the lies.  They are comfortable being told what they already want to think and believe.  They like being told they are better than other people even though they have done nothing to earn any accolades.  They like listening to Glen Beck, a vile human being who lies, touts conspiracy theories is a racist and misogynist.

They adore Matt Drudge who is an unapologetic liar and purveyor of outrageous conspiracy theories and fascist propaganda.    Karl Rove was the architect of the propaganda machine the right wing deploys as a weapon against their own people.

Their goal is not to inform people.  Informed people wouldn’t listen to the lies and vile hate they spew like a high pressure sewer system during a weeklong deluge.  What they want is to keep people frightened and ignorant.  Frightened, ignorant people are easy to control.  This is what makes certain cultish churches preach about the evils of knowledge and critical thinking.  Both groups aren’t looking to help anyone.  They are looking to control people to consolidate their power and increase their wealth.

They also like listening to Rush Limbaugh, another vile human being who lies chronically, is a racist and a misogynist.  (Yes Bill Mahar is likely a misogynist and a vile human being too.  It’s entirely possible that he just hates everyone equally which would not make him a misogynist in the strictest definition of the term but rather a misanthrope.   That doesn’t excuse anyone else and shame on anyone trying to make that excuse.  Just because one person does something wrong does not mean it’s ok for someone else to do it.  I shouldn’t even have to spell that out.  Yet here I am.)

The people who choose to listen to the lies and the hate do so because they like hearing it.  They like believing them.  They like believing that they are somehow more virtuous than the poor.  They actually believe that the poor are poor because they are either lazy or stupid.  And this from a woman who inherited her wealth.

The fact of the matter is that hard work does not equate to riches.  That’s a lie and a vile, hate filled lie at that.  The truth is that one must not only be hard working but also very lucky to be wealthy.  You have to be in the right place at the right time with the right connections to build wealth.  If hard work were all it took then blue collar workers would be the most wealthy people in the world.

Tell the people who were robbed of their life savings, their retirement accounts by Enron or who are losing their homes to banks that are practicing predatory lending, foreclosing on homes they don’t even hold the mortgages to that they’re poor because they are lazy or stupid.  Tell that to the victims of fraud, theft or natural disaster.

Banks didn’t just foreclose on active service members, they foreclosed on many other people too.  The banks, deregulated and too big to fail, stole families’ life work and left them homeless for the sake of greed.  Oftentimes a home is the biggest single investment a middle class American will make in their life time.  They sink their lives, their money, their dreams and hopes into that home and Banks have heartlessly, soullessly defrauded hard working Americans out of what is rightfully theirs.

These aren’t people who are lazy or stupid.  These are honest, hardworking Americans.  The practices of robo signing and improper documentation are what led to the collapse of the housing bubble and the worst recession since the Great Depression.  Then did the Republicans or the Tea Party care enough about American’s to help lift us out of that?  No, they took their offices and determined to do anything in their power to make sure that Obama failed.

They are trying to destroy America for the sake of regaining their political power.  They use racism and hatred of the “other” which they now define as liberal as their weapons of choice.  They equate liberal with evil and people believe it.

The people listening to those kinds of lies know they are wrong.  They know that liberals aren’t evil.  Or they did before they abdicated their consciences and critical thinking skills for the sake of feeling superior.  They have turned their backs upon their fellow Americans for the sake of feeling entitled to their good fortune rather than giving a single thought to those less fortunate.  Rather than feel a little bit uncomfortable at the idea of social inequality, they demonize the poor, the defrauded, the victims of horrible crimes so that they don’t have to face the stark reality of social injustice.

They know that racism is wrong.  They know that misogyny is wrong.   They know that dehumanizing other people is wrong.  They know it in their hearts even if they can’t identify the actual lies.  They know it but they like being told it’s ok to hate other people.  They like being told that their hatred and fear of other people, of the “other” is acceptable.  In truth they love being told that hating someone else is a sign of their moral superiority.  They love being told that calling someone who has different opinions evil is some kind of virtue.

They listen to lies and they know it’s wrong.  They don’t want to know the truth.  They tell themselves that Fox News is fair and balanced.  They believe it because Fox News tells them that.  Then they wonder why people mock them.  Perhaps because people who get their news from multiple news sources and who do their own fact checking know that Fox News lies.

The Canadian government wouldn’t give Fox News a broadcasting license because it is illegal to lie in Canada and call it news.   I wish the same were true here in America.  I don’t see how it would be an infringement on anyone’s free speech rights to insist that if they call it news, it be true and factually accurate to the best of their ability.  ((It has been brought to my attention that this is not accurate which is a shame because Fox News lies repeatedly and regularly and without conscience but Canada has allowed it to be broadcast within their borders.  Sadly that means I will not be referencing roguemedia any more.)))

Fox news won the right to lie and call it news in an appeals court in Florida.  Why am I not surprised this happened in Florida?  There were many articles and blogs but this was the only news release I found without sifting through pages of Google results.

The Fairness Doctrine was a policy of the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC), introduced in 1949, that required the holders of broadcast licenses to both present controversial issues of public importance and to do so in a manner that was, in the Commission’s view, honest, equitable and balanced. The FCC decided to eliminate the Doctrine in 1987.

Now we are reaping the benefits of that action.  I’m sure the recent Citizen’s United ruling by our Supreme Court that defines corporations as people won’t have any unintended consequences either.  Certainly no one who is super wealthy, like say Sheldon Adelson, would try to buy seats in our government.

Because buying seats in a democratically elected government would be wrong.  It would subvert the will of the people.  It would be making a mockery of our democratic process and of America.  Because America was founded upon the idea that everyone had one vote and no one’s vote counted more than anyone else’s.  But through the use of lies and propaganda, by pandering to the credulous and the unquestioning, the wealthy can buy votes.  They can buy the votes of the people who worship at the altar of a particular political party, or at the altar of fear or racism or anything else that makes them feel exceptional.  They fall to the call of a false god, be it fear or pride, ignorance or entitlement, nationalism or political party.

On top of all of this Tag Romney, who just last week said he wanted to punch the President of the United States of America for doing better in a debate than his pathological father, owns the company who is supplying the voting machines in Ohio.

Has Fox News reported on this?  This is huge news that has an enormous impact upon our American way of life and government.  A presidential candidate whose family owns the voting machines being used in swing states is news.  Oh, right, that doesn’t support their propaganda agenda and it’s actually true.  Silly me.

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