Who’s behind the rash of employers pressuring their employees about how to vote? Romney.

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I’ve been blogging about a disturbingly anti-American trend that has cropped up over the past couple of weeks of corporate moguls telling their employees that their jobs will be at risk if Obama wins the election for president of the United States of America in November.   It’s disturbing because it’s not just morally and ethically wrong to threaten someone’s job should an election not turn out the way you want, it’s also actively anti-American.

In my last blog about this subject I speculated about the Tea Party and vairous obscenely wealthy backers of the Republican party.  It never occurred to me that one of the men actually running for President would be the person behind this affront to everything America stands for.  Yet he is the one who called up these business owners and suggested they try to influence, try to bully their employees to vote for him.



This isn’t just un-American, this isn’t just pandering to a radical far right base, this is actively anti-American.  This is worse than reprehensible, it is despicable and should disqualify anyone from running for any office in this land, especially the highest office of the land.  Shame on Romney and shame on anyone who brushes this off and votes for him anyway.  This is not what America is about.  This is not something that  American’s should be able to stomach.  Our armed forces have bled and died for our right to vote.  This isn’t illegal but it should be.  It would be if it weren’t for the Citizens United ruling by Anton Scalia and his Supreme Court.  It is wrong.  It is evil and it is the antithesis of everything America and American’s stand for.

I am now even more appreciative of the wisdom of our founding fathers who instituted a secret ballot method for casting our votes and they did that for the express purpose of preventing others from influencing how you or I cast our vote.  This is something our founding fathers worried about.  That’s how anti-American it is to try to bully people about who they vote for.


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