Voter Suppression, a Mayor on Food Stamps and shame on the hatemongers

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I was going to blog about the couple in Texas who are challenging the registration of democratic voters in Ohio in an attempt to disenfranchise voters since their candidate is so weak.  “As Ouren declared during the group’s national summit in April, and repeated again in Boca Raton, his recruits’ job is chiefly to make voters feel like they’re “driving and seeing the police following you.” He aims to recruit one million poll watchers around the country. […]”  How un-American, how traitorous.  Also how short sighted.  These traitors somehow believe that once they have handed power over to their puppet masters they won’t be treated to the exact same shenanigans they are practicing on everyone who disagrees with them now.   Voting is our right, it is the foundation upon which our entire Nation was built.  Moreso than anything else America was founded upon the idea of a government of the people, by the people and for the people.  Again, this is where a philosophy of selfishness leads, this is where an ideology of looking out for number one leads.

The thing I finally decided to actually blog about though was the following story about Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton who attempted to live on food stamps for just one week.  By just the fourth day he complained of being tired and unable to focus because he couldn’t find time to cook food to eat and he had no money for anything for lunch.  Our Food Stamp program does not provide enough assistance to do anything but stave off the worst effects of starvation.  That’s why people buy cheap, non-nutritious food that is full of empty calories.  They are actually starving if that is their only source of grocery money.


We send children to school like this and somehow expect them to learn something.  But the real crime is that the Republicans want to slash the school lunch program.  They want to limit the number of calories in a school lunch which might be the only meal a kid gets for the day.

“House Republican leaders, fearing a divisive and messy intraparty floor fight, may want to hold off a floor vote until after the November elections to avoid being portrayed by conservatives as big government spenders who approved $969 billion in outlays over 10 years, and by liberals as the party that wants to virtually gut school lunch and food stamp programs.”

There are children who are trying to learn something so they can claw their way out of poverty and instead of helping them we as a Nation are continually electing leaders who slash funding for our schools.  We are standing by and watching as evil, short sighted and greedy politicians rouse an ignorant and often times delusional rabble citing government waste to gut programs that actually work to help build the future of our nation and its people.  They never cut defense spending.  They never think twice about committing to yet another war but they sure are happy to dismantle our public schools and gut the programs that give poor children a good meal once a day.

These people, these exact same people have the audacity, the Chutzpah to claim to be Christian?  Really?  And here I thought Jesus was called the Prince of Peace.  I mean I’ve been reading my Bible and I don’t see one place where it says “Blessed are the warmongers”  or “Blessed are those who balance a military budget on the backs of children and the poor.”  Frankly I’m not interested in a god like that.  I am offended that these evil false prophets dare to take the name of my God on their lips.  I am outraged that there are church-going people who just blindly follow along with these clearly false teachings.

Shame on them all.  Shame on the politicians who use hate and fear to garner votes and shame on the ignorant and unfaithful who fall for it.  Shame on the hatemongers and those who allow hate to fill their hearts.  Hate is very corrosive.  We are seeing that in America today.  Hatred is tearing our country apart.  Hate always destroys the vessel that tries to contain it.

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