The Kansas City Chiefs and the Pittsburgh Steelers

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The Kansas City Chiefs have been terrible for a decade.  I can’t lay the blame solely on the players.  The line up has changed over the course of the last decade but the quality of play has been consistently bad.  It’s actually been stupid.  Stupid calls like 3rd down and 9 so they throw the football two yards behind the line of scrimmage.  That’s become a classic KC Chiefs play.  As soon as they take the lead in a game they start playing stupid.  Instead of playing to win they play not to lose and they’ve become known for being able to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.   Last week they managed to break  Ben Roethlisberger, the Steelers quarterback, and they still couldn’t win a game.

Speaking of the Pittsburgh Steelers, I was watching the game tonight and what is up with those hideous uniforms?  You know these are going to show up on those reels of “The worst uniforms in football” some night.  Which makes me wonder if  Roethlisberger got hurt due to the shame of wearing a uniform that makes him look like the Honey Nut Cheerios bee.

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Green Bay Packers 1:1:WTF

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I like the Green Bay Packers.  I also like the Seattle Seahawks.  Don’t ask me why, I just do.  That being said what happened last night was just awful all the way around.  I’m not going to pile blame on the officials, they do the best they can under high pressure circumstances.   I’m sure the official who made the call on the field thought he saw what he called.  I will pile blame on the NFL and the obscenely wealthy owners who chose the referee salary as the place to get cheap.

According to an article in Sports Illustrated, the average salary for an NFL player is approximately 1.19 million dollars per season.   This while the officials, the men who are responsible for seeing that the rules are followed who, as we saw last night, can actually change the outcome of a game despite players actions are paid less than a tenth of that.  There is so much money in the NFL it’s really an insult to pay the officials so little.  We’re talking table scraps for the people who have one of the most important jobs on the field.  Not because they don’t have the money but for the sake of greed.

This has cost the Packers a win they should have had and given the Seahawks a win they cannot in good conscience really claim.  That’s terrible for both teams.   Both teams played hard.  Both teams showed a lot of heart.  Yes mistakes were made and yes the Seahawks seemed to get a little fatigued in the second half but they never gave up and the Packers seemed re-energized in the second half.   It’s a crying shame that the game ended the way it did for both teams.  Football players are sportsmen first and foremost.   These are the same guys who nine times out of ten give the opposing player a hand up on the field after a hard play.  These guys deserve better from the NFL.  Sadly this is what greed looks like.  It’s the people who give their best to a goal that seem to get hurt by greed.  It’s the people who put their all into something that get screwed by suits at the top who don’t put in their own sweat or tears who just sit back, raking in the profits.  It’s interesting in the above linked article that they mention how corporations have used the same greed to screw their workers out of the same things the NFL is trying to screw the refs out of.

This is also what the 1% is trying to do to the entire country.  Our government officials, especially those bought and paid for by the Koch Brothers like the Tea Party members, are destroying the foundation of our country in much the same way incompetent and untrained officials have destroyed the Packers official win/loss record for the first part of the season.  We see the same thing in so many corporations where the CEO makes 700% of what the lowest paid worker does.  That lowest paid worker is oftentimes the person who is actually making the product, actually doing the work.  Think about that.

We cannot compete in a global market, we cannot build a robust future economy if we refuse to pay teachers a salary that will draw the best into the school system to teach our children.  Teachers have been the scapegoat of the Republican anti-government mantra for far too long and we are going to pay for it by losing our place in the global economy as a powerhouse of innovation and economic prosperity.  Instead we will see a continued slide into third world status where we have a few very wealthy people living well and cities surrounded by dumps and slums.  That is where greed is taking us.

We cannot call ourselves a free country if we disenfranchise people who don’t vote the way the Republicans or Tea Party members decide they should vote.  We cannot call ourselves a free country if we legislate what kind of health care half the population can access and insert government between a patient and their doctor.  That is not freedom.  That is the call that leads to what should be an interception but instead gives the offense a game winning touchdown.  And it starts with greedy people failing to properly support the people upon whose backs the  game rests.

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