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Of Gun Control, the War on Women and a Good Year For Movies

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I’ve been tempted to go on several rants of late.  Gun Nuts vs. Sane Gun Owners and you know the difference.  I won’t insult your intelligent by pretending you don’t.  The morons who don’t understand that raising the debt ceiling doesn’t add to the national debt, it just pays for what we’ve already borrowed, and the House Representatives who lead those ignorant fools on even though they know better.  The fact that people are crying “Nazi” and “Hitler” about regulating, not taking away, just regulating guns but they vote time and again for legislators who want to take away the civil and human rights of women and they are so selfish and blind they don’t see the irony in that.

But instead I think I’ll say this:


Pacific Rim.    That’s right, I can hardly wait for that movie to come out.  This year is going to be fantastic for movies.  We’ve got the next Star Trek movie coming up, what is it?  Into Darkness?  Also the next Iron Man movie, Thor 2 with Christopher Eccleston as the main Dark Elf and a whole passle of others that promise to be excellent.


I’d also like to say that it appears to me, getting back to the original topic thread, that people in America are starting to see through the smoke and mirrors.  Fox News has been widely discredited as a reputable news source to all but the fanatical few who want to believe the lies.  Christians are starting to see through the false prophets who preach gospels of prosperity (Mammon worship) and contraception (Baalism?  It’s forcing patriarchal control on others and denying them their human rights.  I don’t know the exact name of that god) and hate (embracing our GLBT brothers and sisters as we should have been all along).  This is good news.  It seems that the majority of Americans are decent, compassionate people.  If the anti-American Republicans hadn’t Gerrymandered to within an inch of their molecular integrity they would not have a majority in the House of Representatives.  Their continuing war on women is proving that they are living in a bubble that more and more Americans are starting to see through.  I have high hopes for our future.  And it’s going to be an excellent year for movies of all kinds.

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GOP supporting Death Penalty for children: This is pro-life?

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Honestly I wish I could say I was surprised by this:

And yes, if they support a congressman who espouses this, then they are supporting this.  That’s how it works.


I don’t want to be jaded and cynical, I’m far too young for it but the vileness of these people knows no bounds.  Anyone who advocates the death penalty for children is evil.  We have a word for that: psychopath.  No I’m not a mental health professional so this is my unprofessional opinion but I stand by it.  Anyone who calls for the death penalty for children who rebel against their parents is a psychopath.  We’re not all that far out from states forcibly sterilizing women for sassing their parents, do we really want to go back to that?

Poor, a victim of child molestation and pregnant from rape, young Elaine Riddick went into a North Carolina hospital in 1968 to give birth to her son. Though she wouldn’t know it until years later, she would leave the hospital robbed of the ability to ever bear children again.

On top of the poverty, abuse, and neglect that marked her childhood, Riddick had the misfortune of becoming the target of the North Carolina eugenics board, a 5-person state committee responsible for ordering the sterilization of thousands of individuals in the name of social welfareduring the last century.

Deemed “promiscuous” and “feebleminded” by a social worker at the hospital, Riddick, who came from a black family on welfare, was recommended to the state for sterilization shortly after arriving. Riddick’s illiterate grandmother, told that they were doing a “procedure” that was necessary to help the young girl, signed the sterilization papers with an “X”. The state authorized and paid for the procedure, and without her consent or even her knowledge, Riddick was sterilized shortly after giving birth. She was 14-year-old.

In all, 33 states had similar programs.  It is horrific and it is our history.  I am horrified that people are falling for the same kinds of propaganda that led to the rise of laws like the one’s that led to American citizens being sterilized without their knowledge or consent.  I am even more horrified that law makers, under the guise of “pro-life”, are pushing through laws that will lead us back to these same practices.  Already lawmakers have proposed laws requiring doctors to lie to women about medical issues.  They have protected pharmacists who don’t know anything about a patients condition to deny them life saving medication under alleged “conscience” clauses and Hobby Lobby is currently behind a lawsuit to deny women access to birth control.

The rank and file men of the GOP lash out saying that women are allowing themselves to be distracted from the real issues by these “women’s” issues, well these “women’s” issues are everyone’s issues.  Once the laws are in place they won’t be restricted just to women.  What we are seeing is fascism, pure and simple.  Killing children for rebelling against parents?  That’s murder.  If you can’t find a better way to train up a child to be a productive citizen you’re doing something seriously wrong and it’s not the child’s fault and adult cannot come up with a non lethal method of correction for what is in truth not a crime.

So don’t tell me these people give a rip about life.  These people are not pro-life and they never were.  All they want is to control women’s bodies.  They don’t care about life, they just want to be the only ones who have control over it.  They are vile, anti-American fascists and anyone who supports these kinds of people ought to be ashamed of themselves.  This is not American and it is in no way Christian.

This man doesn’t speak for my God and he doesn’t know the Bible.  I went and read the actual passage in the Bible and it doesn’t say what age this son is but it does say that he’s a “glutton and drunkard” which implies a much older son than Republican legislator Charlie Fuqua seems to understand.  Maybe it’s a reading comprehension thing but the Bible says “son” not child.  frankly I think the whole passage is questionable.  Especially as far as the translation of it.  There is too much we do not know about Hebrew history and culture to take two sentences and draw any conclusions.  Especially taking two sentences that have been translated from the original language into a foreign language.  This is the equivalent of taking two sentences out of a legal brief, translating it into a language and culture that bears no resemblance to ours and extrapolating a judicial mandate out of it.

This kind of thing  makes the fundamentalist attitude towards the Bible even more reprehensible.  They are misusing the text.   In Mr. Fuqua’s mind for example, the term “son” translates to child.  I wonder why that is?  Does he hate children so much?  That wouldn’t surprise me since I can prove, given the evidence readily available  that the GOP hates women like they hate no other.    It logically follows that if they hate women so much, they would hate children too.  Then again, the old Testament Law was supposed to have been fulfilled by the coming of the Messiah who is Jesus Christ.  So is Mr. Fuqua denying the divinity of Christ?  Does he not believe that Christ is the divine Son of God?  In Mr. Fuqua’s mind, was the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross not enough to cover the sins of the whole world?  Or does Mr Fuqua believe only rich white men were saved?  Because I’m pretty sure Jesus died for the sins of the world.  So who is Mr Fuqua really following?  Who is his god?  Because at this point, given the information available  I’m pretty sure it’s not the God who sent His Son to die for the sins of the world.

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