Face to Face with Reality, GOP Eats Their Own

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By now everyone who isn’t living under a rock either saw in real time or has seen the youtube videos of Fox News anchors running full speed ahead into the intersection where the fantasyland their chronic lying created met the real world of facts and truth.  The utter shock on their expressions is immortalized on the internet and in the minds of their credulous viewers and those viewers, suddenly presented with the fact that their “fair and balanced” news had lied to them all along are questioning the political propaganda that they have been spoon fed since Fox News won the right to lie and call it news in a federal court in Florida.

That’s right.  Fox News won the right to lie and call it news.  Then they forgot that they were lying.  That’s why they were caught completely by surprise on Election Night 2012.  They ran their own polls which they manipulated to tell them and their target audience what they wanted to believe.  They viciously attacked anyone who dared raise a voice of dissent and pilloried anyone who dared to publish polls based upon actual math, see Nate Silver and his 538 blog, and then were surprised when no one told them they were wrong.  They implied that Nate Silver, who accurately predicted how every state in the union would vote, was gay because he had the audacity to be the one who looked at the actual numbers and the real world data and used it to make his predictions.  They accused Silver of being an ideologue who would rather skew the numbers to say what he wanted them to than stick to facts, projecting their own sins upon an innocent man.

Now they are looking for scapegoats to sacrifice on the altar of their huberis.  Everyone who was surprised, everyone who listens to Fox News and ignores reality in favor of lies should be taking a long hard look at themselves.  The thing about the truth is that it’s still true no matter what someone wants to believe.  The thing about facts is that they’re still true regardless of how much someone denies them.  When people deny reality, they will always meet it rushing headlong at them, sooner or later the facts will rise up in a way that even the most willfully ignorant cannot deny.

Then they have a choice.  To accept the truth or to run back into the shadows and try to find a way to deny what they just experienced so they can continue to live in a bubble wholly disconnected from reality.   I’m already seeing hints that the powermongers of the Evangelicals are backing away from the truth and casting their arrows of blame at the politicians who they claim have misled them.  The truth is that they wanted to be decieved by the political movers and shakers of the Republican party.  They know better but they don’t want to let go of their grab for power.  As I said in a previous blog, the Republican Party/Tea Party and the Evangelicals in this country will destroy each other.

Already people are leaving the church in droves and it’s not because they don’t want to follow Christ.  It’s because the church has stopped following God and started creating a god after its own image.  The church has stopped preaching the good news and now preaches gospels of contraception and prosperity.  The church has stopped being a place where sinners are welcome and introduced to the love of a savior who died for them and become a place where people are judged and rejected for being human.

Everyone who was caught by surprise on Election Night 2012 was a willing participant in the lies and delusions that were being sold and consumed by Fox News, talk radio and other conservative outlets.  They have no one to blame but themselves.  It’s a shame they won’t take responsibility for their own actions, especially since they’ve been preaching a constant sermon of hatred towards the poor, minorities, women, gays, lesbians and transgender people along with the 47% they hold in contempt for not “taking responsibility” for their lives.  They are a party of ignorant, self deluded hypocrites and the meltdown on national television put that on display for the world to see.

I said it in 2000 and it’s just as true now as it was then:  The good guys don’t eat their own.  The evidence has been on display for over a decade.  All it takes to see it is eyes to see and ears to hear.

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The Political and Religious Point of No Return

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That’s right.  Already the GOP/TP are ratcheting up the hateful rhetoric in preparation for 2014.   I would like to imaging that in the interest of winning elections they might consider some lessons from what happened on November 6, 2012.  What I’ve been hearing is more of the same.  denial of reality, doubling down on the hate speech and a tsunami of lies.  One might imagine that being caught completely by surprise, on national television, would be a kind of wake-up call.  That would only work if the steady diet of deliberate lies and hate filled exceptionalism hadn’t already affected their ability to interact with reality.

You (editorial you for those not familiar with such a thing) simply cannot engage in chronic lying without damaging your own internal truth filters.  When you do engage in constant lying, you damage yourself.  The people at Fox News know they lie. They won a court battle for the right to lie and call it news.  Then they got so caught up in their own lies and their own fantasy that they forgot that the real world actually exists.  That’s what happens to chronic liars.  They loose track of where the lie ends and truth begins and that, my friends, is a serious step on the path to real pathology.

The same goes for hate.  They have fed their base of racists, misogynists and homophobes for so long that they have become just like them.  They thought they could feed a group of people who would do anything they said, watch anything they told them to and listen to anyone on the radio so long as they spewed the hate and lies these people wanted to hear, and walk away from it unscathed.  They though that so long as they didn’t become like their target audience, they could market to them, pander to them and not be contaminated by the evil they were selling.  It doesn’t work that way.

What you practice today is what you become tomorrow.  That is the simple truth of human nature.  If we allow ourselves to hate someone today, telling ourselves it’s ok just this once for a good cause, then we have created a pathway for hate in our very own souls.   Hatred is a weed, an evil form of spiritual kudzu.  It grows quickly and it chokes out everything else.

So I am not surprised at all that they are going back to the same propaganda that led them to deny facts, math, science and reality.  If they have not wholly lost the ability to sort the truth out from the fiction they peddle, then it won’t be long before they cross that threshold.  Every day they play their political game of pandering to the racists, the misogynists, the homophobes and the fanatic fascists of the far right, it gets that much more difficult for them to turn aside from it.  There comes a point of no return and many are perilously close to crossing it.  Many churches already have and more will follow.

They thought they could use politics to legislate their version of Christianity.  The Republican Party thought they could use white Evangelicals to solidify a guaranteed voting block that would always vote Republican.   Both have destroyed the other and both will drag each other down to utter destruction.  They have become too invested in the lies and their followers have conflated God with Republican and Republican with God.  They cannot change now.  Not without a true miracle and those only come when asked for.  People who can do no wrong in their own eyes, people who believe that anything that pops into their heads is the god given truth, lack the capacity to reflect upon their thoughts or beliefs.

I am heartened to see many Christians rejecting the far right fanatics.  Liberal and Progressive Christians have begun to realize the danger to their faith, their churches and their country that is represented by the far right and have begun to speak out.  They have begun to speak the truth and face the pillorying of the evangelicals who turned their backs upon Christ for the sake of power.  They have begun to push back against the fundamentalist fanatics who worship a small god crafted in their own image who is not found in the pages of the Bible.   This is good and gives me great hope.  It is time and past time that people who follow Christ stand up and speak out against the hate and judgementalism that those who simply use the name of Christ as a talisman against social censure for their hateful and unacceptable words  which  prove  that they know nothing of Christ.

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4 More Years, The Rove/Koch Campaign Lost; What Does This Mean for My Republican Friends

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I don’t know what it means for them personally I don’t know if this will be a watershed moment for the GOP or the TP (Koch brainchild not grassroots movement) but I’ll tell them something about what their embrace of a campaign based entirely upon hate has cost them.  People I know have spent the last few months at the least, demonizing liberals and progressives.  Some people I know have developed an active hate for liberals and progressives.  They have believed the lies of the propagandists who told them that liberals and progressives are socialists/communists/Nazi’s/Marxists/whathaveyou.  They’re so ignorant they don’t know that all of those things are mutually exclusive and they’re so convinced of their own infallibility that they don’t care that they’re ignorant.   They worship ignorance because the talking-heads they chose to believe, like Beck, Coulter, Limbaugh and other mouth-pieces of the Koch brothers and Rupert  Murdoch have told them that educated people are the stupid ones, that educated people are brainwashed.  They have turned black to white.  They have believed lies as truth and truth as lies.

They have believed the words of false prophets in the pulpits who have switched faith in the God of the Bible for faith in Conservatism, or in Voting Republican.  They have chosen to believe in something called the Republican Jesus who is nothing like the Jesus that died to save the sins of the world.


Republican Jesus™ totally hates Liberals. Liberals are the pawns of Satan George Soros trying to destroy the greatest country ever made on this 6000 year old planet (conservative moderates are almost as bad and must be expunged!). Compromising with a Liberal is a terrible sin in the eyes of Republican Jesus™ and must not be tolerated.

Jesus of the Bible, the Christ so loved that he gave his own life that all might live.  That is nothing like the jesus these Republicans believe in.  I honestly don’t know how they do it in their minds.  How do they justify all of the hate and dehumanization and still go to church every Sunday?

The Republicans/Tea Partiers and those who embraced them or even voted for them, thus showing their solidarity for them, engaged not just in a campaign against the ideas, policies and political opinions of others.  They waged a very deliberate campaign of hate and misinformation against anyone who so much as made a peep they didn’t like.  They glorified ignorance and used personal attacks (Ad Hominem) to try to discredit the fact checkers.  They actually said they wouldn’t worry about the fact checkers.  That’s how sure the leaders of this campaign were that their True Believers would just believe whatever they were told.  They demonstrated complete disrespect for their own base, but I’ll talk about that later.

The Republican/Tea Party campaign was not about any policies they wanted to implement, it was entirely about racism, homophobia, misogyny and the demonization of Liberals and Progressives.    They used propaganda to spread fear and hate to everyone who was receptive of such vile things.  They played to their base, which they decided were straight white men and Evangelicals (who ought to be ashamed of themselves).  They preached from the pulpit that anyone who voted for Obama was going to hell because their god is Republicanism.  They voted for the Mormon and the Athiest over the Christian for the sake of their hatred and glorification of ignorance.  Rick Santorum actually spoke aloud the idea that they’ve bought into through years of careful grooming from the pulpit and the media, that they will never have the intellectuals on their side.

One-time presidential hope tells conservative Republican summit the ‘we will never have the elite, smart people on our side’


This is no accident.  This has been preached, covertly and overtly from the pulpit for decades.  It is far easier to control ignorant people than people who are not intellectually lazy.  People who do their own research, people who take the time and effort to think critically are not as easily decieved or blindly led as people who think ignorance is somehow holy and the man behind the pulpit speaks directly for god.

The people who embraced, or even voted for the Republicans of this election cycle have proven through the most powerful voice they have that they approve of these things.  Every ugly, hateful, divisive thing the GOP/TP said and did, they supported with their votes.  Now I’m hearing that since the election has been decided, they think we should just put all of this behind us and move on like nothing happened.

That’s an insult to everyone they attacked with their hate.  That’s an insult to everyone their hatefilled rhetoric has hurt.  It’s a denial of the damage their attacks have caused to real human beings.  Of course they don’t see the people they hate as real human beings.   The single mothers they have heaped abuse and hatred on for decades are not human beings to them.  The GLBT community whose rights they have tried to refuse at every turn are not real human beings to them.  The women whose health care they have interfered with for the sake of their own, artificially created religious mandate (there’s nothing in the Bible about abortion and the only passage dealing with a miscarriage due to violence doesn’t treat the fetus the same as a baby) are not real human beings to them.  No the terms they use for those people are “Welfare Queen” and “Abominations against God” and “Baby killers.”  Because those terms ratchet up the hate, they incite violence in the hearts of those who hear them.  These terms are lies, they are artifacts of a no holds barred political goal that doesn’t give a second thought to the human wreckage it leaves in its wake.  These are terms with no basis in reality, they are tools of a political party that doesn’t care if it divides the country so long as it gains power.

My Republican friends and their apologists will say that they vote Republican because of the economy.  They want a better economy.  If that were true they would care about economic truth.  They would take the time to learn something about why the recession happened, why the great depression happened and what was done to correct such disastrous economic situations.  They would pay attention to how the policies they espouse are playing out in other countries.  They would pay attention to  Greece and Spain where the same austerity that the GOP/TP are preaching has led to even worse economic times.  They would look to Iceland where letting the banks fail and jailing the liars and thieves who tried to profit off of crashing the economy has led to record growth.  Instead they put on their blinders and believe whatever their puppet masters tell them to believe.  So don’t tell me it’s economic.  They don’t care about the economy enough to learn the truth about it, so I can prove they don’t vote for economic reasons.  When you care about something, you discover the truth about it.

They want to move on, let bygones be bygones.  Well I’m sorry but in embracing hate and lies they have proven that they do not deserve my respect.  In justifying the language of violence against anyone who doesn’t agree with them they have demonstrated a lack of integrity, compassion and honor that I find appalling.  I want my friends to be better than that.  I want my friends to care about other people, not just their own selfish wants.  I want friends who are honorable, not willfully delusional.  I want friends who are honest, intellectually as well as in word and deed.  I require friends I can respect and I cannot respect racists, homophobes or misogynists.  I cannot respect people who support racists, homophobes and misogynists for political expediency because if they can justify hate for the sake of politics then they are just showing me who they really are in their hearts.  All they needed was an excuse to show their true colors and politics not only provided them  the venue, but encouraged it.

I can be friends with someone whose politics or religious beliefs are different than mine.  But I don’t want to be friends with racists, homophobes and misogynists.  I don’t want to be associated with people who think it’s okay to oppress others and deny them basic human rights.  That is neither Christian nor, to be quite frank, American.  I’m singularly unimpressed by people who sell their souls for power.

Throughout this campaign season I have posted things that were hyperbole.  I have posted some things that sounded and were outrageous.  My goal was to get my friends to stop, take a breath, and think about what they were saying, forwarding and supporting.   Trying to redefine rape to make it not a crime is evil and reprehensible.  It doesn’t matter if you disagree with that, by voting for a Republican you supported it in the only place that mattered.  In the halls of power.

Those who tried to silence me through lies and intimidation are not my friends.  Those who silenced me in their feeds so that they would never have to encounter an idea that ran contrary to the bubble they want to live in are under review.  Friends influence one another and I don’t want to be influenced by hate, selfishness or fear.  I don’t want to be friends with fascists.

Thinking that you can just walk away from this unscathed because it didn’t hurt you, because it was just “politics,” only demonstrates the arrogance and selfishness in your heart.  You weren’t hurt so you can move on and because you weren’t hurt and are clearly incapable of empathizing with any of the people you demonized, dehumanized and deliberately spread hate about, you don’t think it was a big deal.  Well it was and it is.

That is the true cost, on a personal level, to my friends who are Republican.  I am evaluating those friendships right now.  I am evaluating how much of my respect you have squandered for the sake of hate.  I don’t know what my threshold is right now but I know I don’t want to be counted amongst your number, even by association.  You see, I don’t care about political power and I don’t care what your socio-economic status is.  What I care about is the kind of person you are.  If you sacrificed your integrity and your humanity for the sake of supporting a politician, that tells me a lot about the kind of person you are.

As for the Repbulican Party that you sacrificed my good opinion for, they only care about winning.  They only pandered to the racists and the Evangelicals, the homophobes and misogynists because they believed there were enough of them to guarantee a solid voting block large enough to win in every election.  That has been proven untrue and because all they care about is winning, they will, sooner or later, drop you all like a hot potato and embrace the next demographic they think will guarantee them a win.   That’s why they show such contempt for their base.  Because they only care about how they can manipulate them into putting their people into positions of power.


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Attention GOP: Racism and Misogyny are neither Christian nor American values.

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Also racism and Misogyny are not not family values, not blue collar values, not white collar values, not the values of decent people anywhere.   They are the values of small, hate filled, fearful people who have no morals, no principles worth having and no decency.  They are the values of small gods and tyrants.  These are the values that have taken over the Republican party and if you support the Republican party you are supporting a pro rape stance, a pro death stance and a hate filled destructive ideology that will cause untold destruction to America and create immeasurable misery in the lives of real human beings.  Of course that’s easy to dismiss if you don’t consider most other people real human beings. See how that works?  See how easy it is to buy into it?  Any time someone says, “Those people don’t matter because ___” fill in the blank, they are racist or misogynist or homophobic or whatever small, mean, immoral, hatefilled, soulless descriptor applies.

This is not what America is about.  America is the home of the brave.  Not the home of the fear driven cowards who are so timid they see the anti-christ in every non Republican president.  Such people are not the courageous Americans who broke away from England. They are not the courageous Americans who sacrificed their lives to prevent the Third Reich from victory in Europe.  No these people espouse the same superiority and self aggrandizing racism that the Third Reich did.  Substitute blacks, Single Mothers, Gays,  women who have abortions or Welfare Recipients for Jews and if you have the capacity be either horrified or ashamed depending upon where you started from.

The demagoguery of the Right is the clarion call of evil.  Dehumanizing others while telling the listeners that they are superior by virtue of their skin color or gender is evil.  It is the soul of evil.  It is how murders are able to murder, by dehumanizing their victims.  It is how rapists rape, by dehumanizing their victims.

This is the opposite of what Christ came to Earth for.  Christ didn’t come to Earth and suffer and die for rich white men.  Christ didn’t come to Earth and sacrifice Himself for the already perfect.  And Christ did not come to Earth to champion voting Republican.  Anyone who worships at the church of Voting Republican is following a false idol and listening to false prophets.  Anyone who equates voting Republican with being Christian is prophesying for a false idol.

Christ gave two commands:  That you love the Lord your God with all of your heart, soul and mind and that you love one another as you love yourself.

Christians love to quote John 3:16  For God so love the world that he gave his only begotten son that who should believe on him should not perish but have everlasting life.

They stop right there when if they went one more verse, just one more verse to John 3:17 they would find out how wrong they have gotten everything:  For the son of God did not come into the world to condemn the world but to save it.

Jesus didn’t come to judge people but to save them.  The Bible, you know that book the “for show” christians love to wave around because it implies they actually read it or have read it, says that Jesus came not to judge.  So if they’re judging we can prove two things: 1) They don’t actually read, or care to know what’s in that book they love to waive around and 2) They’re not following Christ.

Love is the antithesis of hate.  Christians, followers of Christ love, they do not hate.  So if someone is claiming to be a Christian and they are also a racist, a misogynist a homophobe, you name it, then they are not following Christ which means they are not, by definition, Christian.  Going to church on Sunday does not make someone a Christian.  Following the rules the preacher makes, or the Pope makes for that matter, does not make someone a Christian.  To be a Christian one must follow Christ and only Christ.

Someone who loves others as they love themself would not try to take away others civil or human rights.  They would not engage in hateful campaigns of vilification and false accusations that slander and assassinate the characters of those they disagree with.  America was founded upon the basic principles of justice and freedom for all.  So trying to deny others their civil or human rights, say to their own bodies, is not American either.

Finally the God of the Bible, if one bothers to find out what the Bible actually says and who that God actually is, says that in perfect love there is no fear.  The God of the Bible says, “Fear not and know that I am God.”  So Christians who actually know their God cannot be driven by fear to harm the environment, others, or their country.   People who just go to church to feel superior to others and who don’t know God, they can be manipulated by anyone.

Americans and Christians do not worship false idols and they do not believe that taking away the freedoms of others somehow, magically, protects their own freedoms.  That’s how tyrannical dictators think.  That’s how the ignorant and ungodly think.  That’s how sociopaths  and narcissists think.  American was founded by people who expected better of human beings.  Christians are called to be better, Christians are supposed to have faith in the power of their God.

To allow religion or patriotism to be cynically manipulated by one’s own ignorance, fear and soulless hatred of others is neither American nor Christian.  It is shameful.  It is supporting evil.  Mammon is the false god of the Tea Party and it is the god of the GOP.  Worship Mammon at your own peril.

This article from the New Yorker is satire but like all good satire it has a lot of truth in it.




Consider well what the politicians you support and the party you belong to says about your country, for the patriot,  and your god, for the Christian.  Because people watch and listen and they decide if they want to have anything to do with your ideals or in the case of the religious, your god. If  the calling of your god is to get people to vote and take power here in this world then it doesn’t matter what your morality is.  If, however; the calling of your god is to bring people to him, they you’d better think twice about spouting hate.

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FOX News given OK to lie by Florida Judge, Propaganda Machine Throttled Up

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Since we are in an election year and a lot of people have bought into the myth of the ‘liberal media’, a myth created and propagated by the Conservative think tanks for the last two generations, I thought I would write a few things about Fox News.  Fox News is the favorite news source of the Conservative people I know.  In fact the people I know who identify as Conservatives watch Fox News exclusively and get very hostile when I fact check what they tell me.

Here’s a little gem from Fox news that gets basic geography wrong.  Please take note of Egypt’s position where Iraq usually lives.  You know when we went to war in Iraq (thanks to W’s lies) we mocked the Iraqian press for lying to their people about where New York was on the globe, yet here is Fox news lying to their viewers about where Egypt is and wiping Iraq off the map entirely.  http://failuremag.com/failure_analysis/article/fox_news_map_fail/

I don’t feel sorry for the people here in the US who believe such obvious lies.  I don’t feel sorry for the people here in the US who believe this kind of false map.  Unlike the population of Iraq, or really any of the Middle Eastern countries, with notable exceptions like Israel, their populations are not literate.  They don’t allow their people to go to secualr schools, especially not the women.  That’s how those tyrannical regimes maintain power.

This should terrify anyone who actually cares about America or any of the freedoms we enjoy. Because that is what the far right, the cult-like churches of the far right and the Tea Party/GoP are doing right now.  They are glorifying ignorance and preaching the evils of critical thinking and state funded education.  They have an agenda and the people who don’t care to think for themselves are following along like good little jackboots.

They don’t want to know the truth.  They are comfortable with the lies.  They are comfortable being told what they already want to think and believe.  They like being told they are better than other people even though they have done nothing to earn any accolades.  They like listening to Glen Beck, a vile human being who lies, touts conspiracy theories is a racist and misogynist.   http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/why-glenn-beck-lost-it/2011/04/06/AFNEgnqC_story.html

They adore Matt Drudge who is an unapologetic liar and purveyor of outrageous conspiracy theories and fascist propaganda.    Karl Rove was the architect of the propaganda machine the right wing deploys as a weapon against their own people. http://rinf.com/alt-news/politics/enter-karl-rove-need-one-say-more/15278/

Their goal is not to inform people.  Informed people wouldn’t listen to the lies and vile hate they spew like a high pressure sewer system during a weeklong deluge.  What they want is to keep people frightened and ignorant.  Frightened, ignorant people are easy to control.  This is what makes certain cultish churches preach about the evils of knowledge and critical thinking.  Both groups aren’t looking to help anyone.  They are looking to control people to consolidate their power and increase their wealth.

They also like listening to Rush Limbaugh, another vile human being who lies chronically, is a racist and a misogynist.  http://www.ibtimes.com/articles/309438/20120305/rush-limbaugh-sandra-fluke-sexist-quotes-racist.htm  (Yes Bill Mahar is likely a misogynist and a vile human being too.  It’s entirely possible that he just hates everyone equally which would not make him a misogynist in the strictest definition of the term but rather a misanthrope.   That doesn’t excuse anyone else and shame on anyone trying to make that excuse.  Just because one person does something wrong does not mean it’s ok for someone else to do it.  I shouldn’t even have to spell that out.  Yet here I am.)

The people who choose to listen to the lies and the hate do so because they like hearing it.  They like believing them.  They like believing that they are somehow more virtuous than the poor.  They actually believe that the poor are poor because they are either lazy or stupid. http://thinkprogress.org/economy/2012/08/30/777271/worlds-richest-woman-poor-drunks/  And this from a woman who inherited her wealth.

The fact of the matter is that hard work does not equate to riches.  That’s a lie and a vile, hate filled lie at that.  The truth is that one must not only be hard working but also very lucky to be wealthy.  You have to be in the right place at the right time with the right connections to build wealth.  If hard work were all it took then blue collar workers would be the most wealthy people in the world.

Tell the people who were robbed of their life savings, their retirement accounts by Enron or who are losing their homes to banks that are practicing predatory lending, foreclosing on homes they don’t even hold the mortgages to that they’re poor because they are lazy or stupid.  Tell that to the victims of fraud, theft or natural disaster.


Banks didn’t just foreclose on active service members, they foreclosed on many other people too.  The banks, deregulated and too big to fail, stole families’ life work and left them homeless for the sake of greed.  Oftentimes a home is the biggest single investment a middle class American will make in their life time.  They sink their lives, their money, their dreams and hopes into that home and Banks have heartlessly, soullessly defrauded hard working Americans out of what is rightfully theirs.  http://www.cnbc.com/id/43808274/Illegal_Mortgage_Practices_Robo_Signing_Continue

These aren’t people who are lazy or stupid.  These are honest, hardworking Americans.  The practices of robo signing and improper documentation are what led to the collapse of the housing bubble and the worst recession since the Great Depression.  Then did the Republicans or the Tea Party care enough about American’s to help lift us out of that?  No, they took their offices and determined to do anything in their power to make sure that Obama failed.  http://www.examiner.com/article/republican-leader-says-gop-s-number-one-goal-is-defeating-obama-2012#ixzz1U4tEyidE

They are trying to destroy America for the sake of regaining their political power.  They use racism and hatred of the “other” which they now define as liberal as their weapons of choice.  They equate liberal with evil and people believe it.

The people listening to those kinds of lies know they are wrong.  They know that liberals aren’t evil.  Or they did before they abdicated their consciences and critical thinking skills for the sake of feeling superior.  They have turned their backs upon their fellow Americans for the sake of feeling entitled to their good fortune rather than giving a single thought to those less fortunate.  Rather than feel a little bit uncomfortable at the idea of social inequality, they demonize the poor, the defrauded, the victims of horrible crimes so that they don’t have to face the stark reality of social injustice.

They know that racism is wrong.  They know that misogyny is wrong.   They know that dehumanizing other people is wrong.  They know it in their hearts even if they can’t identify the actual lies.  They know it but they like being told it’s ok to hate other people.  They like being told that their hatred and fear of other people, of the “other” is acceptable.  In truth they love being told that hating someone else is a sign of their moral superiority.  They love being told that calling someone who has different opinions evil is some kind of virtue.

They listen to lies and they know it’s wrong.  They don’t want to know the truth.  They tell themselves that Fox News is fair and balanced.  They believe it because Fox News tells them that.  Then they wonder why people mock them.  Perhaps because people who get their news from multiple news sources and who do their own fact checking know that Fox News lies.

The Canadian government wouldn’t give Fox News a broadcasting license because it is illegal to lie in Canada and call it news.   http://roguemedia.org/canada-refuses-to-allow-fox-news-a-license/   I wish the same were true here in America.  I don’t see how it would be an infringement on anyone’s free speech rights to insist that if they call it news, it be true and factually accurate to the best of their ability.  ((It has been brought to my attention that this is not accurate which is a shame because Fox News lies repeatedly and regularly and without conscience but Canada has allowed it to be broadcast within their borders.  Sadly that means I will not be referencing roguemedia any more.)))

Fox news won the right to lie and call it news in an appeals court in Florida.  Why am I not surprised this happened in Florida?  http://baltimorechronicle.com/lyingislegal_apr03.html  There were many articles and blogs but this was the only news release I found without sifting through pages of Google results.

The Fairness Doctrine was a policy of the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC), introduced in 1949, that required the holders of broadcast licenses to both present controversial issues of public importance and to do so in a manner that was, in the Commission’s view, honest, equitable and balanced. The FCC decided to eliminate the Doctrine in 1987.

Now we are reaping the benefits of that action.  I’m sure the recent Citizen’s United ruling by our Supreme Court that defines corporations as people won’t have any unintended consequences either.  Certainly no one who is super wealthy, like say Sheldon Adelson, would try to buy seats in our government.  http://politicstoday.biz/210973/gop-casino-baron-sheldon-adelson-pledges-500000-to-buy-a-single-house-seat/

Because buying seats in a democratically elected government would be wrong.  It would subvert the will of the people.  It would be making a mockery of our democratic process and of America.  Because America was founded upon the idea that everyone had one vote and no one’s vote counted more than anyone else’s.  But through the use of lies and propaganda, by pandering to the credulous and the unquestioning, the wealthy can buy votes.  They can buy the votes of the people who worship at the altar of a particular political party, or at the altar of fear or racism or anything else that makes them feel exceptional.  They fall to the call of a false god, be it fear or pride, ignorance or entitlement, nationalism or political party.

On top of all of this Tag Romney, who just last week said he wanted to punch the President of the United States of America for doing better in a debate than his pathological father, owns the company who is supplying the voting machines in Ohio.    http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/10/19/1147245/-There-is-news-developing-that-TAGG-ROMNEY-owns-voting-machines-in-Ohio

Has Fox News reported on this?  This is huge news that has an enormous impact upon our American way of life and government.  A presidential candidate whose family owns the voting machines being used in swing states is news.  Oh, right, that doesn’t support their propaganda agenda and it’s actually true.  Silly me.

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Who’s behind the rash of employers pressuring their employees about how to vote? Romney.

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I’ve been blogging about a disturbingly anti-American trend that has cropped up over the past couple of weeks of corporate moguls telling their employees that their jobs will be at risk if Obama wins the election for president of the United States of America in November.   It’s disturbing because it’s not just morally and ethically wrong to threaten someone’s job should an election not turn out the way you want, it’s also actively anti-American.

In my last blog about this subject I speculated about the Tea Party and vairous obscenely wealthy backers of the Republican party.  It never occurred to me that one of the men actually running for President would be the person behind this affront to everything America stands for.  Yet he is the one who called up these business owners and suggested they try to influence, try to bully their employees to vote for him.



This isn’t just un-American, this isn’t just pandering to a radical far right base, this is actively anti-American.  This is worse than reprehensible, it is despicable and should disqualify anyone from running for any office in this land, especially the highest office of the land.  Shame on Romney and shame on anyone who brushes this off and votes for him anyway.  This is not what America is about.  This is not something that  American’s should be able to stomach.  Our armed forces have bled and died for our right to vote.  This isn’t illegal but it should be.  It would be if it weren’t for the Citizens United ruling by Anton Scalia and his Supreme Court.  It is wrong.  It is evil and it is the antithesis of everything America and American’s stand for.

I am now even more appreciative of the wisdom of our founding fathers who instituted a secret ballot method for casting our votes and they did that for the express purpose of preventing others from influencing how you or I cast our vote.  This is something our founding fathers worried about.  That’s how anti-American it is to try to bully people about who they vote for.


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