RNC promotes actively destroying the American Way of Government. Or Treason by any other name.

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This morning’s blog post rant was inspired by the Chairman of the Republican National Committee, a man who is so vile I don’t even want to mention his name.  Not because it is the name which must not be spoken, but because he gets a vicarious thrill when anyone speaks it and I don’t want to give him the satisfaction.  We here in these United States of America have a democratic republic.  Our very nation was founded upon the idea of a government of the people, by the people and for the people, as I have said on many occasions.  We hold dear the idea of voting, of electing our government officials to represent us in the halls of power.  That is the underlying belief and foundation of our form of government.  Now the Republican National Committee is so bereft of morals, so lacking in integrity and so devoid of anything remotely resembling the spirit of these United States of America that their chairman is actually advocating that the Republicans, in his own words, “rig elections” so that their people get put into power.

Would that I were making this up.  http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2013/01/14/priebus-republicans-in-blue-states-ought-to-be-rigging-electoral-college/    This Republican Party has no plan for us for the future, they have no vision for building America and returning her to the greatness she once knew.  They don’t care about the people of these United States of America.  All they care about is power and money and how to gain both for themselves and their greedy backers.  They are more than happy to sell out the poor, the elderly, the middle class, the working poor, the gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered, the immigrants and the native Americans to further line the pockets of the wealthiest people the world has ever known.  Talk about morally bankrupt.  Talk about worshipping Mammon.  They have given themselves over to an orgy of Mammon worship not seen since the fall of the Roman Empire.

Every law the Republicans have actually passed, on a state or federal level and every judgement passed down by a “conservative” judge has favored the wealthy over the poor.  Something the founding fathers of America were actually trying to get away from.  For example:  This elderly gentleman has been jailed for kicking trespassers who were dumping toxic waste on his farm off his property.  http://marcellusprotest.org/node/2600  This is the state of justice in America right now.  You, citizen, don’t own anything.  Even if you paid for it.  Any corporation can come in and take it away.  Another example:  This disabled veteran died in court fighting Wells Fargo who illegally foreclosed on his home, even though he was ahead on payments.  Wells Fargo ADMITTED they made a mistake and the judge still ruled in their favor.  http://www.easyreadernews.com/63515/disabled-hermosa-beach-veteran-dies-in-court-fighting-foreclosure/  This is the state of justice in America.  This is what the Republicans and their corporate masters have been gunning for for 30 years or better.

Documents were released the week before Christmas that show that the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI and local police coordinated at the behest of Wall Street to suppress and oppress the Occupy Wall Street protests.  This is not the activity of a government of the people, by the people and for the people.   This is not what America stands for and it is not something our government should tolerate, much less instigate.  Furthermore every single one of the government employees and police officers should be ashamed of themselves.  They all know it is wrong to do this to American citizens.  They all know what America stands for as well as anyone else does.  Shame on them all, every single one.  And shame on us if we just stand by and watch it happen.  http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2012/dec/29/fbi-coordinated-crackdown-occupy   How I wish this were just some crazy conspiracy theory instead of verifiable reality.


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Of Gun Control, the War on Women and a Good Year For Movies

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I’ve been tempted to go on several rants of late.  Gun Nuts vs. Sane Gun Owners and you know the difference.  I won’t insult your intelligent by pretending you don’t.  The morons who don’t understand that raising the debt ceiling doesn’t add to the national debt, it just pays for what we’ve already borrowed, and the House Representatives who lead those ignorant fools on even though they know better.  The fact that people are crying “Nazi” and “Hitler” about regulating, not taking away, just regulating guns but they vote time and again for legislators who want to take away the civil and human rights of women and they are so selfish and blind they don’t see the irony in that.

But instead I think I’ll say this:


Pacific Rim.    That’s right, I can hardly wait for that movie to come out.  This year is going to be fantastic for movies.  We’ve got the next Star Trek movie coming up, what is it?  Into Darkness?  Also the next Iron Man movie, Thor 2 with Christopher Eccleston as the main Dark Elf and a whole passle of others that promise to be excellent.


I’d also like to say that it appears to me, getting back to the original topic thread, that people in America are starting to see through the smoke and mirrors.  Fox News has been widely discredited as a reputable news source to all but the fanatical few who want to believe the lies.  Christians are starting to see through the false prophets who preach gospels of prosperity (Mammon worship) and contraception (Baalism?  It’s forcing patriarchal control on others and denying them their human rights.  I don’t know the exact name of that god) and hate (embracing our GLBT brothers and sisters as we should have been all along).  This is good news.  It seems that the majority of Americans are decent, compassionate people.  If the anti-American Republicans hadn’t Gerrymandered to within an inch of their molecular integrity they would not have a majority in the House of Representatives.  Their continuing war on women is proving that they are living in a bubble that more and more Americans are starting to see through.  I have high hopes for our future.  And it’s going to be an excellent year for movies of all kinds.

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Pro-life Pro-gun, any sane person can see that can’t possibly work

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I have some friends, well one that I am thinking of as I write this, who is all butthurt because people are starting to talk, just talk mind you, about regulating the sales of assault weapons in the United States.  People are just starting to talk, talk mind you, about closing the gunshow loopholes and actually enforcing the laws already on the books and maybe, just maybe reinstating the assault weapon ban.  This friend is more than willing to sacrifice any number of other people’s children to defend his “right” to bear arms.  If you call him out on that truism though he gets his feelings hurt.  He doesn’t like feeling like a monster.  Maybe he should value children as much as he values his guns.  Of course he only knows half of the 2nd amendment to the constitution but that is the only part that’s important to him.

This same friend likes to think that allowing religious fanatics to legislate what potentially life saving medical procedures women can access makes him somehow “pro-life.”  I guess that’s how he looks at himself in the mirror in the morning.  Take away a woman’s rights to her own body, make sure if she gets raped she carries that rape baby and ;condemn her to a hell he doesn’t even believe in if she so much as asks for financial help raising that child.  He doesn’t think women should be able to make decisions about what happens to their own bodies but he want’s me to feel sorry for him because someone is talking about maybe regulating his murderous toys.  Boo fucking hoo.


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Michigan GOP passes so called “Right To Work” bills at behest of Koch Brothers

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I wonder, I really do, if the short sighted fools who comprise today’s GOP have the capacity to look beyond today and see how much damage they are doing not just to the country but to their political party and their political hopes for the future.  People will not forget this trampling of the American way, they will not forget this end run around democracy and they will not forgive plunging the state into poverty any more than the nation will for attempting to do the same to it.

The GOP and their propagandists at Fox News have proven to be anti-American liars at every turn and people, even many of the “true believers” are starting to wake up to that.  The -problem the GOP is facing is that reality doesn’t cease to exist just because you convince a bunch of self-righteous fools that what they want to hear is the truth.  Facts don’t stop being true just because someone with weak faith doesn’t want to face them.  And the truth has a way of revealing itself regardless of how deeply the willfully ignorant bury their heads in the sand.

The Presidential Election of 2012 opened the eyes of a lot of people who thought Fox news was actually telling them the truth.  Oh sure, they could have known long before but they hid their friends news feeds on Facebook so they wouldn’t have to read any of the “liberal media” that reported on actual facts.  They unfriended their friends who cared enough to try to tell them the truth because they didn’t want to hear it.  Now, though, they’ve been shown for the fools they are.

The people they elected, the policies they supported through their votes are still causing damage to America.  They don’t care about the future.  They don’t care about the American people.  They march to the tune of the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Alderson, or to the NRA because they honestly believe that what makes them American is their hatred of other people, especially women, the poor and blacks.  They think owning a gun makes them American.  Well it doesn’t.  All these kinds of thinking do is move our country closer to being like Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine or Iraq.

Think about the nations around the world where there is little to no gun regulation and where the government is overrun by the religious conservatives.  This is where these “Americans” want to take our country.  Oh if it’s put to them clearly and honestly they’ll deny it.  They’ll deny it sincerely because they are too short sighted to see where their beliefs and votes lead. They’re too foolish to understand the system they are setting up and when the consequences come to fruition they will be shocked, utterly shocked because they’re also too delusional and too certain of their own infallibility to think for one minute that they were wrong.

The GOP may never recover from the kinds of legislation those who are acting in their name are ram-rodding through and it’s their own fault.  They actively courted these kinds of social issues.  As far back as Reagan they made it a part of their platform to value the fetus more than a woman and to demonize gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.  At any time someone could have stated the obvious, “This is wrong!”  But they chose not to because evil men grasping for power promised them millions of evangelical voters if they would embrace such hateful and evil policies.

Don’t think Christianity is getting away unscathed either.  Even though real Christianity has nothing to do with the hate and fear mongering that has been attributed to it, because the Evangelicals, Fundamentalists and Southern Baptists have embraced the oppression of women for their own political power and gain, as well as the demonizing of GLBT people and because they have attempted to legislate their own brand of unBiblical morality, they have tarnished the very name of Christianity.   Moderate Christians are also to blame for ignoring this and not speaking out against it.  Even now people who go to church every Sunday don’t want to hear what the majority of the country is starting to say about Christianity.  They don’t want to hear it because they don’t really care about God or Christanity.  They just care about their comfortable faith that doesn’t ask anything of them and lets them sit in a pew for an hour a week then go on out into the world and spread their self-righteous hatred of anyone different than they are.

It’s time and past time to look to the future.  It’s time and past time to count the cost of silence in the face of evil and lies.  The people who deliberately choose them have no one to blame but themselves.  Shame on them and shame on the legislators who think they can do as they please, subverting the will and the very foundation of what America was founded upon.

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Fiscal Cliff and Republican’s pathological* hatred of the government of the USA

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That’s right, they hate our government with a passion so intense it’s almost holy.  That’s why they threatened to default on our debts and tarnished our once spotless credit rating.  How is that fiscally responsible or conservative?  It’s not.  It’s the actions of a bunch of tantrum throwing rich white men who think that they should be able to lie, cheat and steal all they want and not ever be made to face anything remotely resembling consequences.  They don’t care if they destroy America.  They believe that they have enough money that when they do manage to bring this once great country to its knees, they won’t feel the pain of it.  They don’t care that they are destroying what our founding fathers fought, bled and in some cases died for.  All they care about is their own wealth and power.

They are also pathological* liars and they have lied so shrilly and so adamantly for so long that they now believe their own lies.  That’s why they were shocked when Obama won.  Not only did their attempts to cheat citizens of the USA out of their right to vote fail, but their attempts to buy the election outright via Fox News and Tagg Ryan buying voting machines that were sent to swing states like Ohio and Florida failed.  They thought they could pull another coup like GWBush did in 2000.  Anton Scalia was more than ready, I’m sure,  to defy the will of the voters in an election to put a republican on the throne, I mean in the oval office.

And that is why they are in a tizzy over the fiscal cliff.  They are incapable of facing reality.  They are unwilling to see reason for any reason and constitutionally incapable of thinking about anyone but themselves and what they want.  The people who blindly follow them and vote for them do so because the religious right has allied with them, promising millions of voters in exchange for their souls, I mean a proximity to power that the leaders of the religious right find too heady to willingly forego.

These people are anti-American, un-Christian and the ones who signed the pledge to Grover Norquist are arguably traitors.   America stands for democracy, for freedom (that means for women too) and at one time it stood for science, innovation and a bold future.  Now we have science deniers in the chambers of congress marching to the tune of corporations whose only concern is how much money they can get for the air we breathe, the water we drink and the soil we have to grow our food in.  They don’t care if they leave a toxic wasteland for our children.  Their children will have the money to have their own hydroponics farms in greenhouses far away from the poor and working class.

It’s shameful that people have closed their eyes to the facts and turned their backs on the truth.  Because in so doing they have sold their birthright as American citizens to the plutocracy.


*I am not a psychologist and so cannot, nor do I intend to use the term in a clinical sense.

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States are not petitioning to secede. How does a group of yokels pass for news?

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I’ve been watching, with a certain amount of disbelief and possibly horror, the news story making the rounds like a bad chain mail about how “31 states petition to secede.”  If this were true, if this were real; if STATES were actually doing this then yes, this would be news.  It is not states though, it’s a small group of local yokels in some states, many of whom are signing petitions in every state they can, many of whom don’t even live in the states they’ve signed petitions in.  It is a petition, but it is not an official petition.  It’s not on any of the petition sites that specalize in grass roots petitions where they gather signatures to send to retailers or others to bring about change.  No it’s a form on the Whitehouse PUBLIC website.  So anyone with an axe to grind can post anything there.  Yet somehow, the news sites, especially that bastion of making up stuff that has no basis in reality, Fox News, is carrying this as front page news.  How is this journalism?  How is this responsible reporting?  How is this even news at all.  Despite all of the lamenting done by journalists after Fox got caught completely unaware by reality on election night just a short week and a half ago about being “forced” to cover non-news as news because of all of the right wing fantasy news sources, here they are once again following the piper.  They could have done a brief segment debunking the whole thing and moved on to real news.

There’s plenty of real news in the world every day.  They could actually inform people about poverty, human trafficking, the tragic and preventable murder of  young mother Savita Halapannavar.  http://www.thenation.com/blog/171275/when-pro-life-kills#  How was that not front page news?   Yes I said murder.  She was murdered by the Catholic Church.  She was murdered by the laws of Ireland that forbade doctors treating her and forced them to leave her to die in agony.  These kinds of laws are a real danger here in the United States.  In Arizona they have already passed a law telling a doctor he has to lie to a woman about possible birth defects of a fetus.  That is the kind of law that leads to murder and everyone who supports such law is party to the murders that result.  There is nothing pro life about forcing a woman to die rather than performing a medically indicated abortion on a dying fetus.  Rather than aborting one, already dying fetus, and saving the woman’s life, Savita Halapannavar, they murdered her and lost two lives.  Like I said, it’s a two for one deal for the control freaks who think women’s lives have no value and have found some kind of  religious sounding way to force their beliefs on others.  These are beliefs they don’t even hold for themselves.  They are beliefs they only and solely hold for others to be forced to conform to.  Look at Rick Santorum who got an abortion for his wife but wants to outlaw abortion in all cases for everyone else.  The people who think like that, the people who support putting laws on the books that draconian, are murderers in their hearts.  They are not pro life in any way, they are pro control women’s sexuality and punish them with death if they don’t behave according to the rules these men have set.

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